October/November 2019 PDF - National Union of Journalists

6 Nov 2019 ... the Yorkshire Post, where she was ... McCabe, Northern Ireland FIC member ... This mirrors the North Yorks Enquirer's (NYE) experience.

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October/November 2019 PDF - National Union of Journalists

6 Nov 2019 ... the Yorkshire Post, where she was ... McCabe, Northern Ireland FIC member ... This mirrors the North Yorks Enquirer's (NYE) experience.

July/August 2019 PDF - National Union of Journalists

3 Aug 2019 ... Neave and Ian Gow were murdered during her time in office. The tone ... Pamela Morton in the NUJ Freelance. Office. Pamela ... Pamela and the NUJ's solicitor at. Thompsons ... At his funeral at in Bristol on April 11, he had a.

March/April 2019 PDF - National Union of Journalists

1 Apr 2019 ... Workington Times and Star and the ... to abandon an appearance at the World Economic Forum in. Switzerland”. ... rugby league (in this case, you meant rugby union). ... the cosmopolitan media bubble “small-town journalists have a contact with ... am a huge fan of the magazine, which is brilliant, and of ...

The Journalist December 2019 - National Union of Journalists

criticism of what is recognised as a highly professional ... BBC Two's How to Break Into the Elite with Amol Rajan revealed how ... the food is good. What advice ...

Irish Journalist Spring 2019 - National Union of Journalists

Carolyn Farrar, editor. Derry and North West ... a job to do and they know I will give a right of reply. ... Eadie decided to pursue a career in journalism, joining the ...

VICE UK wins union recognition at last - National Union of Journalists

28 Jul 2019 ... Michelle Stanistreet, general secretary, said she ... They thanked Michelle Stanistreet and officials ... host, Gary Lineker, topping the bill with.

National Union of Journalists

Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 ... NUJ.ORG.UK. Has the address changed during the year to which the return relates? Yes. No.

COME FLY WITH ME - National Union of Journalists

16 Nov 2012 ... the paper's online news onto their own websites. ... media that had come to think of itself as above the law'. ... is left unchecked by free and.

Prexit! - National Union of Journalists

journalist@nuj.org.uk. Design ... journalists working in. Newport were told they were being made redundant in March ... OJ Simpson case is still sending.

Glasgow - National Union of Journalists

28 Aug 2019 ... Monday, 7 October TV Reporter (Edinburgh) ... as Stranger Things and The Bodyguard and there remain significant opportunities for original.

Shhh... - National Union of Journalists

This expanding form of journalism is popular, as Nicholas Fearn reports. But it is ... Proctor and. Gamble first ... my late partner Kate Hodges, Pete. Seeger, Phil ...

Do you measure up? - National Union of Journalists

and online trolling since editing Phil Mac. Giolla Bhain's book Downfall: How Rangers FC. Self-destructed ... white noise. Freelance journalist Gillian Harvey.

National Union of Journalists - DBEI

The National Union of Journalists represents 95pc of working journalists in. Ireland. Founded in 1907, the NUJ, with 38,000 members. Is one of the largest media.

TIMETOCHANGE - National Union of Journalists

4 Dec 2011 ... journalists to equal the MPs' expenses scandal. But as the terrible practices ... of journalism at its best; not least the relentless pursuit of the ... David Wooding is the ... Journalist) to assemble a comprehensive “media wiki”. City.

What's the best way into the industry? - National Union of Journalists

8 Nov 2016 ... Obituaries should be sent to journalist@nuj.org.uk ... Times, the Surrey Comet and the News. Shopper (Bexley ... Stevenage or Dixie. He also ...

National Union of Journalists - Justice.ie

The NUJ would welcome reform of the Defamation Act 2009. While the 2009 Act represented a significant improvement on the Defamation Act 1961 the review.

antisocialmedia - National Union of Journalists

9 Mar 2016 ... the Western Morning News and. Plymouth Herald websites. New cuts in journalists' jobs at Newsquest's. Glasgow titles their future at ”serious ...

Out with the old boys - National Union of Journalists

Holly. Powell-Jones looks at how mentoring and helping young people ... THE BBC presenter Samira. Ahmed, backed by ... then reduced again when the BBC.

ontheedge - National Union of Journalists

Glasgow office nujscotland@nuj.org.uk. Dublin office info@nuj.ie. Cover picture. Steve Bell. Raymond. Snoddy ... Newsnight. This success is on the back of ... Northallerton. TIM. EllIS. H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H.

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26 Feb 2019 ... union's equal pay claims at the BBC. He sought the ... joining portal, as well as news and ... love is to pay proper wages and freelance rates.

TUGOFWAR - National Union of Journalists

24 May 2010 ... We've also encountered more job cuts in the industry and fresh attacks on ... Gorkana boasts a database of more than 130,000 journalists.

thefirstcasualty - National Union of Journalists

4 Dec 2011 ... a listings producer, concluded their cases shortly ... Newspaper TV listings from PA. reacHing out to ... Ali Emm, editor of LeftLion magazine:.

the irish journalist - National Union of Journalists

1 May 2018 ... meeting with Shane Logan, Ulster Rugby chief executive; and director of marketing and communications, Fiona Hampton. The outcome of that ...

Putin the boot in! - National Union of Journalists

11 Jan 2019 ... owned by Hearst, has a total circulation of just ... Nude Wife To Aide'. Now read on: “A ... Lydia, as recounted by Greek historian. Herodotus.

BBC cuts - there is an alternative - National Union of Journalists

super-fast broadband, local TV and BBC Monitoring. ○ Already the first round of cuts to news – 140 jobs – has been announced. ○ The Asian Network awaits ...

Copyright Cluedo - National Union of Journalists

Amendments to the Data Protection Bill from MPs and peers ... She finds an ally in Mr Brundish (Bill Nighy) as ... pronunciation and country-house lifestyle, he ...

War at Wapping remembered - National Union of Journalists

Thanet Gazette, Dover Express, Folkestone herald and Ashford ... Back in 1885, the editor of the Pall Mall Gazette, WT Stead, ... The Journalist for an obituary of.

Coping with trauma - National Union of Journalists

4 May 2017 ... scientist invited me to a glitzy science festival. There were 250 paying ... Johanna Bell from Hersham, Surrey. “Magazines aren't chucking the ...

Press become target of the far-right - National Union of Journalists

27 Apr 2019 ... real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, protested ... frustrations still run deep and the BBC has yet to ... hit and run approach to such an important.

April/May 2013 - National Union of Journalists

24 May 2013 ... “Despite the claims of newspaper publishers whose approach ... However, the Paisley Daily ... the Glasgow Herald and Scottish Daily Express.

A world of work - National Union of Journalists

3 Aug 2019 ... and also the pitfalls, of doing work for international news ... Hotspur. Ten journalists will work ... with her life in the Brighton bombing and had.

Temporary Membership of the National Union of Journalists

Temporary membership of the NUJ is intended for individuals seeking to establish, or re- establish, themselves in freelance journalism. Although you do not ...

code of conduct - National Union of Journalists

5Obtains material by honest, straightforward and open means, with the exception of investigations that are both overwhelmingly in the public interest and which ...

Chris Proctor - National Union of Journalists

11 Jul 2016 ... to turn the Nuneaton News from a daily to a weekly. However ... available from other UK news providers, using ... I was a door-to-door Kleeneze.

Lyra McKee - National Union of Journalists

2 Jun 2019 ... documentary No Stone Unturned on the murder of six men in ... You can see Power's story on at www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUpgeUvkQR4 and sponsor him ... Edd Moore, editor of the Herald's online edition, says the.

Alan Jones - National Union of Journalists

17 Oct 2017 ... Cable, BBC Points West, ITV ... Rachel Broady to produce a Fair Press for Tenants guide for the media. ... Townsend Productions' latest work.