systems - Mdpi

4 Sep 2019 ... Thesis, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA, USA, 2016. 27. Vieira, H. NOB_Mixed_512DP_template_v1.xls Design Spreadsheet.

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Ecological Systems as Complex Systems - MDPI

15 Mar 2010 ... The field borrows tools and theories from research in complex systems science (CSS) to describe and understand ecological phenomena.

systems - Mdpi

4 Sep 2019 ... Thesis, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA, USA, 2016. 27. Vieira, H. NOB_Mixed_512DP_template_v1.xls Design Spreadsheet.

An Analysis of the Most Adopted Rating Systems for ... - MDPI

13 Jul 2017 ... Keywords: rating systems; building environmental impact; sustainability; BREEAM; CASBEE;. DGNB; HQE; LEED; SBTool. 1. Introduction.

Wearable Sensor Systems for Infants - MDPI

5 Feb 2015 ... Kangaroo mother care (Kangaroo care is a technique practiced on ... wireless technology in a compact armband for monitoring the axillary odor ...

Relative Entropy in Biological Systems - MDPI

2 Feb 2016 ... Relative entropy—that is, the Kullback–Leibler divergence, or various generalizations of this—provides a quantitative measure of how far from ...

The Kichwa Agroforestry Systems (Chakras) - MDPI

24 Oct 2017 ... Moreover, a chakra is an outstanding example of agroforestry production ... Schäpke, N.; Omann, I.; Wittmayer, J.M.; van Steenbergen, F.; Mock, ...

The Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems to Map Intertidal ... - MDPI

30 Nov 2018 ... Swansea SA1 8EN, UK; (A.M.); ... neural network was utilized with near-infrared reflectance and HSV color.

Social Systems: Resources and Strategies - MDPI

15 Nov 2017 ... Keywords: systems theory; economic systems; social structure; competition; strategy; culture. 1. Introduction. It is important to study social ...

Comparative Evaluation of Structural Systems for Tapered ... - MDPI

13 Aug 2018 ... Abstract: Structural efficiency of tapered tall buildings has been well ... KT is shear stiffness; KB is bending stiffness; Ad is cross-sectional area of each ... Smith, B.; Coull, A. Tall Building Structures: Analysis and Design; Wiley: ...

Universities in the National Innovation Systems: Emerging ... - MDPI

17 Jul 2019 ... in China by providing services from online search (Baidu) to ... This can be considered as the oldest university functioning even till date in Asia.

A Review of Systems and Technologies for Smart Homes ... - MDPI

7 May 2016 ... This review article, by introducing the concept of the smart home and the advent of the smart grid ... (1) It only works with Panasonic appliances;.

Strengthening Health Systems to Support Children with ... - MDPI

4 Feb 2020 ... 4. Neurodisability & Rehabilitation Research & Melbourne Children's Global Health, Murdoch Children's. Research ...

On the Design of In-Wheel-Hub Motor Transmission Systems ... - MDPI

26 Oct 2018 ... The wheel drive makes it possible to obtain a wide range of vehicle speeds with the use of low-cost, commercially accessible electric motors. With ...

Modeling Isomorphic Systems Processes Using Monterey ... - MDPI

28 May 2018 ... Keywords: isomorphic systems processes (ISPs); Monterey Phoenix (MP); behavior modeling; emergent behavior; cycles and cycling; systems ...

Comparison of European Olive Production Systems - MDPI

22 Aug 2016 ... This plant is suitable for all countries included in a latitude of 30◦–45◦ ... are cultivated with olive groves globally, of which 95% are located in the Mediterranean ... Analysis of Different Production Processes in Centre Italy.

Design of Drug Delivery Systems Containing Artemisinin and ... - MDPI

20 Feb 2017 ... Available online: (accessed on 12 December 2016). 4. Efferth, T.; Romero, M.R.; Wolf, D.G.; Stamminger, T.; ...

Electronic Performance and Tracking Systems (EPTS) - MDPI

11 Feb 2018 ... Keywords: football; wearable; tracking; device; impact; energy. 1. ... Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has recently taken steps to ...

Cannabinoid Delivery Systems for Pain and Inflammation ... - MDPI

27 Sep 2018 ... CBD. Nabilone. CB-13. Vitality Biopharma prodrug. THC-Val-HS. Figure 2. The structures of the principal cannabinoids described in the text.

Four-Features Evaluation of Text to Speech Systems for ... - MDPI

5 Feb 2020 ... Ivona, Nuance, Google, Microsoft, AT&T, Espeak, Pico, and Loquendo. Since this work is motivated by our own need to decide which TTS ...

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems: A Review - MDPI

29 Oct 2013 ... i.e., FreeStyle Navigator®; employs a glucose sensor that can be used for CGM for up to five days; compact transmitter with capsuled battery; ...

Recent Advances in Lipopolysaccharide Recognition Systems - MDPI

7 Jan 2020 ... (LPS) provides structural and functional integrity to outer membrane of ... an overview of the current state of knowledge regarding LPS structure.

Papillomavirus Infectious Pathways: A Comparison of Systems - MDPI

4 Aug 2015 ... Abstract: The HPV viral lifecycle is tightly linked to the host cell differentiation, causing difficulty in growing virions in culture. A system that ...

Evaluating the Efficiency of Wicking Bed Irrigation Systems for ... - Mdpi

26 Sep 2016 ... (e.g., gravel), there is a critical depth beyond which wicking into the soil ... (10 mm Quartzite) was then placed as the reservoir material and a ...

A Comparative Study of Web Content Management Systems - MDPI

27 Jan 2018 ... 4.2. Easier Way to Share Content and Extend Character Support. 4.3 ... Artisteer [33] is a software tool whose goal is to customize the website in ...

Data-Driven Fault Localization in Distribution Systems with ... - MDPI

6 Jan 2020 ... Shenzhen Research Institute of Big Data (SRIBD), Shenzhen 518172, China; 3. School of Informatics, Xiamen ...

Logistics Best Practices for Regional Food Systems: A Review - MDPI

11 Jan 2018 ... Logistics best practices from conventional supply chains have the potential to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of regional food supply ...

The Dynamics of People Movement Systems in Central Areas - MDPI

29 Nov 2011 ... 2.3. The Hong Kong Central Mid-levels Escalator. The Escalator in on Hong Kong Island was constructed by the Highways Department in 1994.

A Review of Wearable Sensor Systems for Monitoring Body ... - MDPI

14 Dec 2016 ... Sleep safe/breathing rhythm/Sudden infant death ... Available online: (accessed on.

Tools for Planning Energy Efficient District Systems - MDPI

23 Aug 2018 ... Keywords: district cooling; energy planning; energy systems. 1. Introduction ... code – the user is free to modify all data inputs and variables. 3.

Plasmons and Plasmon–Polaritons in Finite Ionic Systems ... - MDPI

19 Mar 2019 ... The lower density of ions in electrolytes in comparison to density of electrons in metal may also reduce the energy of plasmons by several orders.

Energy Optimization of Road Tunnel Lighting Systems - MDPI

17 Jul 2015 ... terms of electricity and maintenance, with respect to other light sources. ... A well-planned lighting system must properly strengthen the artificial.

Optimal Design of Safety Instrumented Systems for Pressure ... - MDPI

30 Dec 2016 ... Pressure Control of Methanol Separation Columns in ... separation column (D-1101) is a distillation column used to separate methanol from the ...

Mobile Wi-Fi based Scheduling of Cyber-Physical Systems in ... - MDPI

2 Feb 2020 ... Shahid Khan 4, Salman Ahmed 1, Daehan Kwak 5,* and Afia Nazir 1. 1 ... Keywords: CPS; mobile Wi-Fi; QoS; simulation; contention window. 1.

G Protein-Coupled Receptor Systems as Crucial Regulators ... - MDPI

26 Sep 2018 ... GPCR systems can also exert a trophic effect on DDR during normal and ... These data together suggest that GIT2 may act as a functional ...

Tuning the Fast Dynamics of PNIPAM-Based Systems with ... - MDPI

5 Sep 2019 ... Benedetta Petra Rosi 1,*, Lucia Comez 2, Paola Sassi 3, Monica Bertoldo 4, Elena Buratti 5,. Caterina Petrillo 1, Alessandro Paciaroni 1, Silvia ...

Fault-tolerant drive-by-wire systems - IEEE Control Systems Magazine

4 Oct 2002 ... tronic braking functionssuch as ABS, TCS (1986), ESP [1], and ... Safety and reliability are generally achieved by a combi- ... logical interconnections on a component level. ... yaw rate according to Fig. 7(a) [35]. A more general fault-tolerant sen- ... for the process parameter faults F1 through F8 show better.