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re I u* on to take upon them«clvr-* |br t*A of aa»*n< Chri«tianit. I** adopt w. ... and the philosophy o f BLACKNESS car not a» intimidated. CHATSWORTH BCS ...

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Collection AD2021-S Cooper.docx - Wits Historical Papers

re I u* on to take upon them«clvr-* |br t*A of aa»*n< Chri«tianit. I** adopt w. ... and the philosophy o f BLACKNESS car not a» intimidated. CHATSWORTH BCS ...

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Nationalist mem-. | bers of Parliament have already ! toyed with the idea for forming a labour group. “There is the difficulty of re conciling the sometimes confliet-.

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Items 18 - 31 ... Queue of about 300 women waiting to be issued with passes, Retreat, ... Two computer scans of photos of the house in Leyton, London where S T ... pavilion beerhall in Jeppestreet; Augehrn & Piels Wholesale at Jeppe ... Vuyusile Mini. ... These are copies of a set of photographs which were lent to H P by Mr.

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Soccer Board; Central Namibia Football ... Goalkeeper Adieb Abrahams, the SASF's 1987 Footballer of the Year and ... Hendrick Coetzee, Richard Cardoza,.

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rubbish bins all over, in the houses, in the bedrooms, it was kayotic, the campus was in kayos. That was our first strike, when we eventually resumed discussions ...

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stop orders and manumatic debits which have not yet been debited to your account or do not show on this statement. Teken al die tjeks aan wat u uitgereik.

' i- « <rocc < - f. r/ ry ^7, 3 <. ' i/ z Vz zz - Wits Historical Papers

Cix el l OCtfae, cC fafaZc YcxxXJ CX C-LJ isLxfaccCt faze d ii'j. 4 (sfa-farce f^lAXV-CAX C*£- C'tet/ Xxc Ct Cx xx xx Cxt i facj ck^xcxxC^ £x ^ ^ 'lx^£^.

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ta Ikadile ka tlhego B.tho baaou b. m M aio l.ahi^ tae di nchonyana mo dikgmla- j.^ k a it* ka ... Lod«vyk ChristofW Nel, Lebara ja koa Nokong le oceile pholo dile ...

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dichupo cot 1hi* t>o ili tumiuicg kapa Sacco Herb TUtract. Sxxo Her*. Kxtrart e>un ko n-.ih. ... Keleco ea Batlhotlhomisc bit- nga manani entengo kwa nama-.

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Mary Penelope Young. 60 xr>tK Elizabeth Clarissa Youd. 8. Samuel Charles Young. 61 mi ot Walter Young. 1 3. Thomas Young. 65. orrrrM Maria Young. 1 5.

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1224 Sophia Ann Louisa Augustus ... 591 John William Carrol Broadway ... 1 687 Sarah George. 1326 Frances George. 1 694 Charles Solomon Gould. K*. % ...

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K u t e k e a m a p o l i s a a k u b a. e b a n x o l i s a , b a w a g ib ise la. n g a m a t y e . 5 ala«kubuye-. l a e z i n d l i n i z a b o ; a d e a m a. p o lisa a d u b u la ...

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Sophia BAGLEY. George FRANCIS. Elizabeth LEESON. Henry FROTCH ? No rah GRANT. James FORGER. Mary OLNY. Charles FULLER. Louisa SHERRAD.

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5. Mutzlao Masllaita. Traaaurar. Mtmbofg of tfe* b. John Moobo. 7* Jool Toayaia. Ateahia. □T. £□?'» '' v. □> ' □. V. saphia Sobupetaaag. □. lO.Daaial Poho.

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If you want more information you can write at the artist union BBK,Nieuwe ... June 18— July 4 The late Sir Russell Flint Signed Prints. July 5— 18. Wangford ...

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Under Modiboa, the successor of Mabeo, the Ba-Rolong appear to have settled for a time on the Molemane River, near where the villag. -e of Ottoshoop now ...

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and the sons of old members of the Regiment ... The Green Howards Gazette ”—February,. March ... In the obituary column we regret to ... Some of my pals were.

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these activities. Olivia Forsyth is incapable of disting- uishing fact from fiction_ The truth is alien to her. 1n her eight years as a police spy. JOINT. COMMUNIQUE:.

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Campbell-Smith, Bruce - 4189. Canca ... Davis, Michael Ivan - 1929 ... Gazidis, Constantinos @Costa - 1263 ... Makonane, Frieda Maureen (Mokonane) - 3801.

carlton centre - Wits Historical Papers

African City Properties Trust (1952) Limited, who base their objection upon the fact that they own substantial properties in Eloff Street and in particular Marlborough ...

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^rona 'me nti&e eare k> kona, i Cape Times seyiya- " Ke ne ke ipateletsa dijo hua le roan l be lore taeny^it«e _ wayjkaba ngaw'omane. a- fela mmc kechoengoi ...

african wanderers - Wits Historical Papers

iMoodley, Norman Steenkamp (captain),. jKaizer Ranamane, Dennis Wicks, Michael. (williams, Warren Jack, Walter Ndlela, Foh. (Shangase; Patrick Moodley ...

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members of the ANC resident in the UK, February 17, 1975, 4 pp. FH. 1975-03-17. "Declaration of ... "Viva ANC Viva MK," flyer, n.d., [after 1976] Y. Folder 102.

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John Aldrick. 22. 9 Anne Alcock ... Ann Bell. 9. William Bowman. 5. Thomas Bazett. 9. Martha Bazett. - 6. William Bazett ... Name. Page. Anna Maria Chamberlain.

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report into MI are Anton Niewoudt, the former head of an MI front in the Ciskei who ... Kriel, has, however dismissed the allegations as "false". Kriel released a ...

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saults, and attempts to set up stoodge leaders. All this combined with several other violent events during the year had bitterly estranged these quiet people, who ...

survey reef locations - Wits Historical Papers

14 deportations of skokiaan queens to Leeuwkop and Basutoland have been arranged since. January alone. A meeting of skokiaan queens with the Advisory.

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Lenkiewicz Alice 85. Lindsey Jane 10. Lock J. 237. Locke Mavis 69. Lomax Jane 224. Martin Helen 30. Maas Caroline 78. Maile Beryl 241. Marek Stanley 204.

D/OCESE OF ST HELENA R egister . : ___ B ... - Wits Historical Papers

John Alexander. fiO. Catherine Alley ... uel Crosby ios Clarke ... pas Smith. Plotte Stewart. Liam Steel taboth Stowat. 1, Spencer. I kam Smith. &>h Stephens !* ii.

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How Can Man Die Better: Sobukwe and Apartheid. BENJAMIN POGRUND. Thirty years ago, Robert Man-. HOW CAN MAN galiso Sobukwe called for.

ORGANISKD BODIES THE AFRICAN Rev ... - Wits Historical Papers

Masiye, J., Caixa Postal 63, Vila Nova de Gaza, via Lourenco ... Mhlope, Andrew, Caixa Postal 5 7, Lourenco Marques. ... Bideford, Private Bag, Newcastle. Rev.

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Kemsley ateney Libeca Montfoney. John Wynne Thomas. Richard Lewis Death ... clo. M.P.A. houn bain Rize. Pietermaritzburg hurch. 1962. A. 2. reglee. Loretta.

go botehe ba baeang go nyala - Wits Historical Papers

<6itiengkoa ntla ka tofu), go oea Mane TcemS _____ m_. W a ih a k u kgono K a flp fo n - tse Rev, le a ko t r ^ j l { : i. Mila. e'elatofiM.<a?

Service civil international - Wits Historical Papers

In reviewing the history and prospects of international voluntary work, reference must inevitably be made to SERVICE CIVIL INTERNATIONAL. SCI was one of ...