Steens Mountain - Bureau of Land Management

The Steens Mountain Cooperative Management and Protection ... Steens Mountain is the largest ... for winter recreation and organized group functions may.

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Steens Mountain - Bureau of Land Management

The Steens Mountain Cooperative Management and Protection ... Steens Mountain is the largest ... for winter recreation and organized group functions may.

steens mountain cooperative management and protection area ...

2000, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has prepared the Steens Mountain ... to 19 media groups including the Burns Times-Herald, the Bend Bulletin, the ...

Cow Mountain Recreation Area brochure - Bureau of Land ...

Hwy 101 from Hopland by taking Hwy 175 (River Road) to the roundabout ... for camping, picnicking, hiking, hunting and equestrian use. Vehicle use is limited to ...

Land Description Diagram - Bureau of Land Management

STANDARD. T5N. PARALLE! 10. 10. 20. 20 30 40. N 35°E. 30. 40 30 20. N 42/40 W. 42/40. 70 60 50 a o 50 60 70. 70. N 700 E. LINEAR MEASURE. SQUARE ...

The Steens Mountain - AGU Publications

10 Jul 1987 ... lava flows on Steens Mountain, southeastern Oregon, has resulted in a detailed ... Basalt Group and the estimated limits of the Steens Basalt.

three rivers resource management plan - Bureau of Land Management

Procedures to Implemepiit: 1 I impkmen: cjver life ci pianni!:g d0cumer.t. ... rims, but any cross-fencing of the river and creek would be. Fisheries tehabiiitation for ...

Analysis of the Management Situation - Bureau of Land Management

BLM has areas that meet the criteria at Telford, Twin Lakes, Hawk. Creek, Goose Butte, and Coal ... nurseries, or other incompatible uses, and crane use is affected by disturbance by hunters and ... sagebrush-grass. Red-tailed Chipmunk.

Shooting Management Map - Bureau of Land Management

Kuna Rd. King Rd. Kuna-Mora Rd. Poen Rd. Kuna Cave Rd. Nicholson Rd. Victory Ln. Victory Ln. Warren Spur Rd. Ferry Rd. Baseline Rd. Nampa. Boise. H ill R.

wilderness - Bureau of Land Management

12 Jun 2018 ... Member of the on ervation Advi ory ommittee for the Thunder Ba in Gra lands Prairie Ecosystem. A ociation assi ting the implementation of a C ...

ERO Report - Bureau of Land Management

20 Nov 2018 ... project area to 8,450 feet (2,575 meters) above sea level at the ... On October 17 and 18, 2017, ERO biologists Aimee Way and Emily ... cavities in open conifer forests, aspen, and riparian woodlands (Wickersham 2016).

Camping - Bureau of Land Management

Palm Springs-South Coast Field Office ... beauty and recreational opportunities offered at BLM's ... Recreational and leisure-time activities abound - hiking,.

Medford RMP - Bureau of Land Management

Debris Torrent - Rapid movement of a large quantity of materials (wood and sediment) down a stream channel during storms or floods. This generally occurs in ...

Nordic Ski Map - Bureau of Land Management

Buck Prairie Winter Recreation Area. 122°30'00". 122-29'00". 122-28'00". 122-27'00". 5200-. VISAI. Legend. O Scenic Viewpoint. 10 Outhouse. 15400. Indian.

What Are Owls? - Bureau of Land Management

sites by falcons, golden eagles, hawks, vultures, and great horned owls and ... nal, are predators meaning they hunt, capture, kill and eat other animals for food.

IDAHO - Bureau of Land Management

Mt. Coeur d'Alene. Swan. Peak. Indian. Mountain. King's. Plummer. Butte. Post Falls. Coeur d'Alene. Harrison. Worley. Plummer. St. Maries. Heyburn. State. Park.

Untitled - BLM ePlanning - Bureau of Land Management

Stilwater Field Office. Douglas. Lyon. Mineral. NEVADA. Legend. BLM Lands. BLM District Office &. RMP Planning Area. BLM Field Office. County Boundaries.

h-8357-1 - byways - Bureau of Land Management

17 Dec 1993 ... BLM scenic and back country byways fall into the ... breaking up the text with extra paragraph breaks for more white space to make it easier to ...

Bloodborne Pathogens - BLM - Bureau of Land Management

18 Dec 2008 ... Bloodborne Pathogens: Breaking the Chain of Infection. Course Map ... visibly contaminated with blood, and all body fluids in situations ... John Hunter, EMS coordinator, is responsible for the implementation of the ECP ... Bleach may cause damage to some medical instruments and tools so care must be.

Trekking Volcanoes - Bureau of Land Management

First Trek-Volcano at North Menan Butte .......................... Map and Directions. What is so great about this place? Picture This. Bingo in the Wild! Connect the Dots!

Recreation in Idaho - Bureau of Land Management

2536 Kimberly Road | Twin Falls, ID 83301. 208-735-2060 ... of the Snake River, Silver Creek or the Big Lost. ... Golf the links south of town by the Center.

Form 1221-2 - Bureau of Land Management

15 Mar 2012 ... .02 Objective. This Manual establishes BLM policy on considering lands with wilderness characteristics in land use plans and land use plan ...

Landscape Assessment - Bureau of Land Management

reflected moonlight. Figure A.11.3-1 illustrates NASA City Lights of the United States within the study area. This map shows areas of greater light intensity near ...

Mineral Materials - Bureau of Land Management

This law authorizes the BLM to sell mineral materials ... Note: Although the BLM does not sell soil that is essential for growth ... Gravel pit reclaimed as a lake and.

Fire Ecology - Bureau of Land Management

adapted, and are often dependent upon the reoccurrence of fire. Rogue ... fire; deep roots protected from fire; the shedding of their lower branches to prevent.

The Wilderness Society - Bureau of Land Management

1 Jul 2019 ... Enclosed please find The Wilderness Society's protest of BLM Nevada's July 2019 oil and gas lease sale. Juli Slivka. Assistant Director, BLM ...


Erik Zaborsky, SCEP Archaeologist. Contact(s): Larry Morgan, Field Office Manager ... Eric Ritter, Archaeologist. Contact(s): Hector Villalobos, Field Office ...

kleinfelder - BLM ePlanning - Bureau of Land Management

19 Jan 2016 ... As part of these comments, Guardians referenced and attac hed ... llttp:/:Vvw. b Jm. eov/style/rnedial ib/bl m/co/infomwtion/nepa/air qual itv. Par. 549 8J. ... 14.6. 29.2 (2%). 774 n I%). 1 . ,44:' .J. (22.2%,). (25.3Cl-(>). 1. Nirro~).

Consultation and Coordination - Bureau of Land Management

22 Mar 1993 ... General Management Plan and the public representation, special interests ... Management Plan (GMP) for RRCNCA would be developed and listing anticipated issues ... Barrett, Glen L. ... Hutchinson, Gene & Becky. Imhoff ...

about Bald Eagles - Bureau of Land Management

Bald eagles are found along four major flyways: (1) the Pacific Flyway from Alaska to California; ... During these times, eagles spend less time feeding and ... seemingly wasted fish is actually an important food source for crows and ravens.

Lease Bid Form - Bureau of Land Management

Failure to submit the remainder of the bonus bond within the statutory timeframe (or regulatory) will result in rejection or revocation, as appropriate, of the bid ...

Rogue River - Bureau of Land Management

Popular river campsites are listed within the map panels of this float guide. Many other unnamed campsites and sandbars will accommodate small parties. If.

The Oregon Trail - Bureau of Land Management

61, the riders of the Pony Express transcontinental mail service ... Mormon Pioneer and Pony Express Trails. During the ... Auto tour route signs are posted on public roads and highways ... Ice Slough -A place where emigrants could dig into.

excavations at quail creek - Bureau of Land Management

Trench 9 Stratum 2. Units B,C,O. Ceramics. North Creek Gray ______ _. North Creek Corr. u/i Virgin Ser. 8 --------- lithics. C2- dril 1. C - knife _fr_a_g ______ _.

Byways Back Country BLM - Bureau of Land Management

National Scenic Byways Program, Back Country Byways can lead you on ... Visit ... Missouri Breaks, MT. Type II.

Integrated Vegetation Management Handbook - Bureau of Land ...

25 Mar 2008 ... each other, is pulled by a crawler-type tractor or a large rubber tire tractor. This method is often used for ... CA170. Anne Halford ... AZ061 - San Pedro Project Office ... Done effectively, education and outreach helps to lever-.

MICROCOMP output file - Bureau of Land Management

Arkansas; opening lands subject to section 24 of Federal Power Act 27 FR 4097. 2665 Apr. 24, 1962. North Dakota; withdrawing lands for use of Army ...