Investment shocks and consumption - Editorial Express

acteristic for empirically recognisable business cycles (see, e.g., King and Rebelo,. 1999). Total factor productivity shocks generate co-movement in the baseline ...

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Investment shocks and consumption - Editorial Express

acteristic for empirically recognisable business cycles (see, e.g., King and Rebelo,. 1999). Total factor productivity shocks generate co-movement in the baseline ...

Investment shocks and consumption - Norges Bank

In addition, preferences of the King, Plosser and Rebelo, henceforth, KPR, (1988) family, which feature a positive wealth effect on labor supply, can also generate ...

Conspicuous Consumption and Peer Effects - Editorial Express

responded to both visibility survey instruments (Charles, Hurst and ... cerns (Bertrand and Morse, 2013; Charles, Hurst and Roussanov, 2009; Kaus, 2013) as ... Car: The purchase of new and used motor vehicles such as cars, trucks, and vans;.

How Big are Public Investment Multipliers? - Editorial Express

29 Apr 2018 ... size of the public multiplier and its synergies with the private sector crutially ... 2 Government Consumption and Investment Multipliers in a.

Asymmetric Consumption Effects of Transitory Income Shocks#

18 Dec 2016 ... ... shocks to consumption growth (Blundell, Pistaferri, and Preston, 2008). ... D. Shapiro, and Joel Slemrod (2010), “Household Response to the.

Business Cycles, Investment Shocks, and the “Barro-King Curse”

8 Dec 2016 ... (Barro and King 1984), wherein models with a real business cycle core must rely on technology shocks to account for the observed ...

Why Do Aggregate Earnings Shocks Predict Future Inflation Shocks?

20 Oct 2014 ... Oktay Urcan acknowledges the financial support from London. Business School Research and Materials Development (RAMD) Fund.

details of twin shocks contents - IKON shocks

MAICO, MOTO GUZZI. 40. MOTO MORINI, MV AUGUSTA, ROYAL ENFIELD 44. NORTON, PIAGGIO ... Le Mans Mk1 38mm Marzocchi. Moto Guzzi. Le Mans ...

Regularising the Factor Zoo with OWL: A ... - Editorial Express

18 Dec 2018 ... ”regularise” the ”factor zoo”. First time applied in Finance. OWL can handle correlated factors. Correlation prevails in high dimensionality.

Multilevel Marketing - Editorial Express

28 Jun 2017 ... distinguishing between legitimate MLMs and pyramid scams.2 A ... according to a reward scheme that maps their down-line and the retail ... when t tends to infinity, j's expected number of descendants (in G) goes to 0 as well.

Hazel Kyrk - Editorial Express

10 Jun 2008 ... books spurred the growth of family economics curricula (Reid, 1972). ... Elizabeth Ellis Hoyt (Ph.D., Radcliffe College, 1925), who became a ...

From Mad Men to Maths Men: Concentration and ... - Editorial Express

23 Oct 2018 ... We are now Maths Men as well as Mad Men (and Women). Thus we go head to ... to bid on the online auction platforms where ad space is sold.

Cultural Entrepreneurship - Editorial Express

friend of mine was selling things for the Body Shop at home, which was a home ...

Determining the Value of Modern and ... - Editorial Express

a Mark Newson5 exhibition and in May Christie's sold the work “Lockheed Lounge. LC-1” by this designer for the personal record price of $1.497.000. 3.

What Happens when More Starbucks Cafés ... - Editorial Express

14 Jan 2019 ... type of business strategy, the presence of Starbucks café shops on the sales and prices of packaged ground coffee products of Starbucks and ...

Business Cycles, Investment Shocks, and the "Barro-King" Curse

Business Cycles, Investment Shocks, and the "Barro-King" Curse. Guido Ascari, Louis Phaneuf, and Eric Sims. NBER Working Paper No. 22941. December ...

Do Charity Auctions Work? - Editorial Express

30 Mar 2018 ... Keywords: public goods, externalities, charitable giving, auctions with ... market structures (e.g., Besley and Ghatak, 2007, Pecorino, 2016, Lai ... University of Washington in St. Louis, Boston University, and UNC Chapel Hill.

Dividend Risk Premia - Editorial Express

21 Sep 2016 ... index derivatives, OTC markets for index dividend swaps emerged. ... swap prices well, and the model-implied price-dividend ratio together ...

Evidence from Twitter and Betfair - Editorial Express

10 Feb 2016 ... (e.g. for Manchester United Football Club, one hashtag used is #mufc). This harvest of. Twitter data yields 13.8 million Tweets during 372 ...

Implied volatility indices - Editorial Express

15 Jun 2009 ... We are also excluding S&P 500 3-Month Volatility Index, as well as the three indices, CBOE VIX Premium Strategy Index, CBOE Capped VIX ...

Indirect Gender Discrimination and the - Editorial Express

... to Nils Braakmann, John Wildman and Colin Wren for discussions and comments, and. Andrew Burlinson and Jo Wildman for excellent research assistance.

Detecting Granger Causality with a ... - Editorial Express

in testing for Granger non-causality in a general sense by nonparametric ... as Wt = (Xt,Yt,Zt), where Zt = Yt 1; and W = (X,Y,Z) is used when there is no danger of.

1 What is the value of urban realm? - a cross ... - Editorial Express

25 Jun 2018 ... Some city authorities are taking a lead in advancing this: e.g. in London, urban realm is already covered in Transport for London (TfL)'s. Business ...

Introduction Criteria for segmentation - Editorial Express

independent designers, the luxury fashion concerns, the middle market ... the familiarity of the target audience with online clothing sales, as well as on the ... retail stores are often distributed through multi-brand websites (e.g. or.

Innovation Is the New Competition: Product ... - Editorial Express

Peichun Wang†. October 29, 2017 ... Harrison, Jacob LaRiviere, Greg Lewis, Preston McAfee, Marjorie McElroy, Robert Miller, Peter Newberry, Aviv. Nevo, James Roberts ... variation in its product life cycle when introducing a new product.

Using Coupons to Intertemporally Price ... - Editorial Express

2 Mar 2009 ... and similar programs for patronage at restaurants, coffee shops and salons etc. Frequent ... the direct benefits of FFPs. ... While this firm can easily validate its own coupon codes, it's easy for shoppers to forge its coupon codes.

Fairness, Globalisation and Three Meanings of ... - Editorial Express

2 However, the person who invented the word 'meritocracy', Michael Young, Baron Young of. Dartington, might disagree. 3 The long-run trend towards ...

Weighted Scoring Rules - Editorial Express

25 Jan 2015 ... from the model parameters estimated through the use of the newly introduced weighted scoring rules. The first contribution of this paper is to ...

Nonlinear Limits to Arbitrage - Editorial Express

30 Sep 2016 ... Keywords: Limits to Arbitrage, Slow Moving Capital, Mispricing Correction, Noise Momentum,. $This is a preliminary version created to ...

Salience and Management-by-Exception - Editorial Express

13 Sep 2018 ... If a manager overreacts to salient events it may desirable for the firm to adopt the management practice management-by-exception. I develop a ...

Evidence from the Hollywood Studio Era - Editorial Express

9 Apr 2015 ... studio contract were cast in substantially more film roles (our proxy measure of non- ... in B-westerns even before signing them to contracts, as a cheaper ... but the latter starred in his eponymous series for a dozen years).

The Effect of Car Sharing on Car Sales - Editorial Express

and a difference-in-difference methodology, I examine new car sales in German cities ... lg(sales). (3) lg(sales). Number of FFCS Vehicles. -9.97e-5***. (1.44e-5).

The Continuous Wavelet Transform - Editorial Express

11 Feb 2012 ... We also describe some of the characteristics of the Morlet wavelet, responsible for its popularity and a new class of analytic wavelets, the ...


1 Jul 2016 ... We posit that business model innovation of Airbnb in the context of the travel ... 1 ...

Brazilian international airports - Editorial Express

Brazilian international airports: An assessment of their catchment area and passenger demand ... Besides, the catchment area map is an essential input for the ...

Commercial Revolutions, Search, and ... - Editorial Express

Similarly, in his seminal summary of the medieval European commercial revolution,. Lopez recounts: The business fever, when it came, left almost no one ...