The social value of public spaces - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

using and managing the space – people make places, more than places make people. □ The use of public spaces varies according to the time of day and day ...

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The social value of public spaces - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

using and managing the space – people make places, more than places make people. □ The use of public spaces varies according to the time of day and day ...

the social model of disability - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

of a group of people who use mental health services, it goes into an area where ... mental health service users/survivors and some initial publications (Beresford, ...

Faith as social capital - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Cover design by Qube Design Associates, Bristol. Photograph of members of the 'Faith Together in Leeds 11' partnership supplied by kind permission of the.

Scaling up social lettings? - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

2 Jun 2019 ... Smartmove receives a fee from the Northern Ireland Housing Executive for ... Sheffield: Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research, ...

Social exclusion and young adults - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

8 Oct 2019 ... School of Social Sciences and Law, University of Teesside. All rights reserved: no ... (Tara as a hairdresser) and two part-time (Mary as a cleaner and Sophie as a ... labour market segmentation: A critique, Den. Haag: Nijhoff.

Person-centred planning in social care - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

(Langley, 2001). Person-centred planning is grounded in a rights based approach ... This philosophy that underpins practice can be thought of as guiding principles of person-centred ... Review of Legislation in Fifteen Countries. Social Policy ...

Social interactions in urban public places - Joseph Rowntree ...

Canal basin: looking towards the Aylesbury marina. 15 ... In this report, the term 'space' is used to refer to the public locations and sites researched.

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starting with New Earswick on 163 acres of land he had acquired two years earlier ... 1976–83 Red Lodge is extended to provide sheltered accommodation.

Download - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

9 May 2002 ... prevented from becoming the thin end of the wedge in terms of opening up ... on our wellies and went out into the park and explored for ages.

Stirling - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

why the reputations of housing estates often display a remarkable longevity and resilience to change. ... now much 'sought after' in estate agent parlance. The major ... unemployable, you know … where Huntly Crescent, Duff Street, Atholl. Place, that sort ... Henry Randolph's first wife Grace died 4 September 1955 at Largs.

Fair enough? - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Central and East European migrants in low-wage employment in the UK ... Andrisiunas, Dimitar Bechev, Zara Bielkos, Pavlina Binkova, Acala Boden, ... respondents' gross pay calculations, are an important component of workers' pay: ...

Chinese migrants - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Wai Yin Chinese women's society and RIHSC, Manchester Metropolitan. University. 1 ... with, which made me think the UK was like a heaven. Wei Yun, 27 ...

Struggling to pay council tax - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

each council tax valuation band; how many households are struggling to pay ... Struggling to pay council tax is essential reading for all those with an interest in ... Croydon: CIPFA. Clark, T., Giles, C. and Hall, J. (1999) Does Council Tax Benefit ...

Community cohesion - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Aston is next to Lozells, which witnessed ... major train stations of Euston (completed in 1838), Kings Cross (1852) and St ... They end up in Bengali specific.

Findel interim - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

14 Apr 2013 ... Many of the improvements are found in the health and education ... The level of overcrowding in Manchester, Nottingham and Newcastle is ...

Education and poverty - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Carlo Raffo, Alan Dyson, Helen Gunter, Dave Hall, Lisa Jones and ... Howard Glennerster, London School of Economics; Ann Gross, DfES; Ruth Lister,.

Drinking to belong - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

how the commercial alcohol offer made to young people contributes to ... those who do drink, particularly noticeable amongst 11–13 year olds (Measham, 2008).

Coalfields regeneration - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

26 Jul 2019 ... houses a doctor's surgery, shops and offices ... Dulais Valley Partnership is another initiative that ... wanted by some Dulais Valley Residents.

Drinking places - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

2 Mar 2019 ... not uniform across the country. Rather these ... centre will be relatively quiet but niche/crossover bars such as Wetherspoons, The. Unicorn ...

Poverty in the media - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

College, Durham University. Findings ... send emails, develop websites, write blogs and upload sound, stills and video clips. • Third sector ...

Our Strategic Plan - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

At JRF and JRHT we're united by our shared values to achieve the change we want to see in the UK, but until now these values were not defined clearly. With ...

UK Poverty 2017 - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

poverty among single people without children have also been fairly steady – around. 25% were in ... 1.3 million (16%). Source: University of Bristol and Households Below Average Income 2014/15 ... Produced by: Pinnacle Graphic Design Ltd.

Exploring unmet need - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

'user need' may be either expressed in terms of demand for particular ... pp. 173–80. Bradshaw, J. (1972) 'A taxonomy of social need', in G. McLachlan (ed.).

Parenting and resilience - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

3 Evidence about children's and young people's resilience. 8. Individual ... It is this analysis of differentiated responses to adversity that offers something over and ... It is important to distinguish between intrafamilial adversity in which parents ... Much writing about family resilience has drawn on stress-coping-support theory,.

Full Report - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

2 Feb 2016 ... This report examines the links between SEND and poverty in the UK. ... The Act was followed by a Code of Practice (DfE and DH, 2014), which ... preferred school's catchment area: 'well-off parents can afford better schools for their children, by ... d/01143-2009DOM-EN.pdf (accessed 12 January 2016).

Building better credit unions - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

22 Sep 2019 ... 4 Case study analysis of UK credit union mergers ... directors on the board have been on training at the weekend conference up at Blackpool.

Community and mutual ownership - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

In recent years, policy-makers have identified community and mutual ... are needed to develop community and mutual ... Hargreaves, Mills and Mitchie, 2001).

Listening to children's views - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

The role of solicitors in listening to children. 38. The role ... Solicitors do not usually see the child themselves. ... proceedings (see also Timms, 1997, p. 41; Hunt.

Dementia: through the eyes of women - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Social Policy Research Unit, University of York; Helen Cadbury, freelance writer;. Eloise Ross, freelance photographer; Katherine Ludwin, University of Bradford ...

Recession and cohesion in Bradford - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

7 Jul 2011 ... However, Bradford is home to well-known brands such as Morrisons and Hallmark Cards. Bradford did not go “down the same path” as Leeds, ...

Drug testing in the workplace - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Kate Nash, Director of the Royal Association for. Disability and Rehabilitation. Brian Pomeroy, Chair of the National Lottery. Commission. Richard Reeves ...

Pre-teens learning about alcohol - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Sometimes we'd get the sangria from across the road there and put it in a jug and ... You're in Asda she'll say sometimes, it's so embarrassing, that's the one you ...

Cultural diversity in Britain - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

20. Cultural diversity in Britain. Figure 2 Model for a process of engagement ... the rich cultural masala of Trinidad, he came to Britain to direct theatre and dance ... works of Portishead, Tricky, Massive Attack, was cited as evidence of the.

Affordable credit: The way forward - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

11 Sep 2002 ... A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library. Library of ... they have a poor credit record or a history of bad debt.

Lessons from Hulme (summary) - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Hulme in inner Manchester has, over the past 20 years, become a by-word for the failures of public housing policy. In particular, the Crescents - four elongated.

Rediscovering mixed-use streets - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Published for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation by The Policy Press. ISBN 978 1 86134 985 9 ... 6.2 Agency responsibilities for aspects of streets in Tooting. 98.