The Role of Ti Capping Layer in HfOx-Based RRAM ... - IEEE Xplore

Zheng Fang, Xin Peng Wang, Joon Sohn, Bao Bin Weng, Zhi Ping Zhang, Zhi Xian Chen, Yan Zhe Tang,. Guo-Qiang Lo, J. Provine, Simon S. Wong, H.-S. Philip ...

The Role of Ti Capping Layer in HfOx-Based RRAM ... - IEEE Xplore - Related PDFs

The Role of Ti Capping Layer in HfOx-Based RRAM ... - IEEE Xplore

Zheng Fang, Xin Peng Wang, Joon Sohn, Bao Bin Weng, Zhi Ping Zhang, Zhi Xian Chen, Yan Zhe Tang,. Guo-Qiang Lo, J. Provine, Simon S. Wong, H.-S. Philip ...

Metal oxide RRAM switching mechanism based on ... - IEEE Xplore

K. McKenna2, A. Shluger2, V. Iglesias3, M. Porti3, M. Nafría3, W. Taylor, P. D. Kirsch, R. Jammy. SEMATECH, USA;

Layer-Adaptive Communication and Collaborative ... - IEEE Xplore

Email: {muzammil, talal},,, Abstract—In this paper, we ...

Services and protocols of the physical layer - IEEE Xplore

forwarding Physical Layer data. It is desirable, insofar as possible, that the protocols used by the Physical Layer be independent of the transmission medium so.

A flash compression layer for SmartMedia card systems - IEEE Xplore

Abstract — Flash memory based SmartMedia Card is becoming increasingly popular as data storage for mobile consumer electronics. Since flash memory is an ...

The effects of Acetone vapour inter-layer processing ... - IEEE Xplore

3D Printed objects is a fundamental feature determining the strength of the ... bonding through exposing cold vapor (dimethyl ketone) at the post-build stage.

IMeX: Intergateway Cross-Layer Handoffs in Internet ... - IEEE Xplore

31 Aug 2011 ... In this paper, a new architectural design, IMeX, is proposed to facilitate intergateway handoff management in Internet-based infrastructure ...

Cross-layer traffic engineering for software-defined ... - IEEE Xplore

Traffic engineering in SD-RAN based on radio access link scheduling abstraction has been investigated in [4]. In the context of wireless ad-hoc networks, wireless.

3.2 Pixel/DRAM/Logic 3-Layer Stacked CMOS Image ... - IEEE Xplore

2Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp., Nagasaki, Japan. Abstract— We developed a CMOS image sensor (CIS) chip, which is stacked pixel/DRAM/logic.

Role of the consulting engineer in quality assurance - IEEE Xplore

The 'quality' of his own consulting services is also of paramount importance. The paper discusses the impact of the quality assurance (QA) concept on the.

Simplifying the Development of HLA-based ... - IEEE Xplore

Alberto Falcone, Alfredo Garro. Department of Informatics, Modeling, Electronics and Systems. Engineering (DIMES). University of Calabria, Rende, Italy.

The Critical Role of Window Design in Rear-Emitter ... - IEEE Xplore

Daniel L. Lepkowski, Tal Kasher, Jacob T. Boyer, Daniel J. Chmielewski, Tyler J. Grassman, Steven A. Ringel. The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, 43210, ...

A DSP based digitally controlled interleaved PFC ... - IEEE Xplore

PFC Converter. Shamim Choudhury. Texas Instruments Inc. Stafford, Texas. Email: Abstract. A single DSP controlled two phase interleaved PFC.

ABN: Attribute Based Networking for Enterprise ... - IEEE Xplore

ABN: Attribute Based Networking for Enterprise Networks. Feng Zhao, Baokang Zhao, Yulei Yuan. College of Computer. National University of Defense ...

Using FSR based muscule activity monitoring to ... - IEEE Xplore

Using FSR based muscule activity monitoring to recognize manipulative arm gestures. Georg Ogris, Matthias Kreil, Paul Lukowicz. Embedded Systems Lab ...

Fundamental Scheme-Based Nonorthogonal LOD ... - IEEE Xplore

Md. Masud Rana, Member, IEEE. Abstract—In this letter, nonorthogonal locally 1-D finite- difference time domain based on fundamental scheme (F-LOD-.

Few are as Good as Many: An Ontology-Based Tweet ... - IEEE Xplore

19 Nov 2018 ... Amerter- dam, The Netherlands: Springer, 2014, pp. 500–506. [28] M. Newberg, ''As many as 48 million Twitter accounts aren't people, says.

Reinforcement learning-based negotiation for ... - IEEE Xplore

spectrum micro-trading framework. ISSN 2047-4954. Received on 1st September 2017. Revised 30th April 2018. Accepted on 17th July 2018. E-First on 4th ...

SDMF based interference rejection and PD ... - IEEE Xplore

18 Apr 2016 ... The output of SDMF based signal identification, which are PD data from HFCT, could be applied to both statistical PD signals interpretation and to ...

Knowledge Based Machine Translation - IEEE Xplore

lexical ambiguity, syntactic and structural ambiguity, polysemy, induction ... translation ambiguities; polysemy;data mining; bilingual; English- to-Urdu;.

Friendbook: A Semantic-Based Friend ... - IEEE Xplore

29 Jan 2015 ... Friendbook: A Semantic-Based Friend. Recommendation System for Social Networks. Zhibo Wang, Student Member, IEEE, Jilong Liao, Qing ...

Can You Find Me Now? Evaluation of Network-based ... - IEEE Xplore

We present an algorithm to assign weights to each location in the network based on the UMD measurements of the RSRP,. RSSI, and PD. Additionally, the ...

Analysis of Charging of the HTV-4 Based on On-Orbit ... - IEEE Xplore

9 Aug 2019 ... HTV-4 surface potential relative to the surrounding plasma, and is called advanced technology on-orbit test instrument for space.

A mems-based gas chromatograph front-end for a ... - IEEE Xplore

Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique SA. Neuchatel, Switzerland. Andrew Morse, Geraint Morgan, Simeon Barber,. Simon Sheridan, Ian Wright.

A 118-mW Pulse-Based Radar SoC in 55-nm CMOS ... - IEEE Xplore

... Bagga, H. A. Hjortland, and M. R. Knutsen are with Novelda AS, 0484 Oslo, Norway ... Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/JSSC.2017.2764051 in the same room, ...

ICM-based Experimental Identification of Couple ... - IEEE Xplore

motion of GyroWheel rotor along radial direction. In this paper, the identification issue of couple unbalance for GyroWheel rotor is investigated by using the ...

A Low-Cost LED-Based Solar Simulator - IEEE Xplore

8 Nov 2019 ... and expensive, and a small solar simulator could be a good contribution to test small ... industrial electronics and automatics engineering and the M.S. degree in ... In 1993, he joined Exeter University, Exeter, U.K., as a Visiting ...

a sandbox-based approach to the deobfuscation and ... - IEEE Xplore

by the Apache Software Foundation proved invaluable. Secondly, Apache's ... derived from the original c99 shell, will attempt to update themselves via an ...

SDN-based architecture to support Synchronization in ... - IEEE Xplore

Paola Iovanna, Stefano Ruffini, Mats Forsman, Tomas Thyni. Ericsson,, ...

VLC-based Smart Supermarket (SMARTKet): Key ... - IEEE Xplore

VLC-based Smart Supermarket (SMARTKet):. Key Concepts and Enabling Technologies. Anh T. Pham,1 Truong C. Thang,1 Julián Villegas,2 and Michael ...

112Gbit-PAM4-AWG-based-OWC-2017 TK - IEEE Xplore

This is achieved using a PAM-4 modulation format, pulse shaping, pre-compensation and equalisation techniques for the bandwidth restrictions, and a pre- ...

A Payment Channel Based Hybrid Decentralized ... - IEEE Xplore

proposed to combine the advantages of CEX and DEX. However, existing HEX is still suffering from two issues. The first issue is that it is unfriendly for a trader ...

Audio–visual perception-based multimodal HCI - IEEE Xplore

Abstract: Human–computer interaction (HCI) has great potential for applications in many fields. ... determined by the maximum value in P. T = max {p1, p2, ... , pN }. (23) ... cessing unit 4G random access memory, OpenCV, OpenNI, HTK.

Anomaly-Based Network Intrusion Detection Using SVM - IEEE Xplore

Wolfson School of Engineering. Loughborough University. Leicestershire, UK Qinghai Yang. School of Telecom. Engineering.

A fuzzy logic based extension to Payton and ... - IEEE Xplore

Command Fusion Method for Mobile Robot Navigation. John Yen and ... Payton and Rosenblatt developed a commandfusion architecture that allows control ...

Plug-in Free Web-Based 3-D Interactive Laboratory for ... - IEEE Xplore

10 Apr 2017 ... ... design and imple- mentation of a plug-in free online 3-D interactive laboratory ... “observe” how the experiments are going on similar as they watch the live videos ... tion of electric power transformers,” IEEE Trans. Educ., vol.