Form, Genre, and Style in the Eighteenth-Century Rondo - jstor

The rondo, in short, was not so much a form as a loosely defined genre that could be adapted to any num- ber of formal procedures: sectionalized ternary forms, ...

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Form, Genre, and Style in the Eighteenth-Century Rondo - jstor

The rondo, in short, was not so much a form as a loosely defined genre that could be adapted to any num- ber of formal procedures: sectionalized ternary forms, ...

Schenkerian Interruption and Beethoven's Sonata-Rondo Form - jstor

3 This evolution is most evident in Beethoven's sonata-rondo finales, as Michael. Talbot points out in his book The Finale in Western Art Music: “From Beethoven.

The eighTeenTh CenTury - jstor

solitaire' (247–60); Christopher Cave, 'rousseau et les ambiguités de l'épistolaire' (261–88);. Anne-Marie Mercier-Faivre, 'Les Lettres écrites de la Montagne, ...

eighteenth-century art in norwich - jstor

Norwich art during the period (which would be a still premature undertaking), but to bring ... original Theatre, and the Octagon Chapel (which John Wesley foun ... Norfolk . . .or Norfolk tour by J. Chambers (Norwich, J. Stacy, 1829), pp. 1071 ...

and the Eighteenth-Century Man-Midwife - jstor

English midwife Sarah Stone has something to say abo but more important it contains details of her nursing p a birth-damaged baby that, although not described ...

The Rise of Sex in the Eighteenth Century - jstor

different plane, politically radical, mixed-sex discussion groups in the eigh- teenth century—antecedents of the men's and women's clubs a hundred years later ...

Dyestuffs in the Eighteenth Century - jstor

oranges and purples were particularly difficult and black was a special art. ... Such 'dyes' as alderbark, walnuts, soot and iron filings, and mordants, etc. 1 Hellot ...

The Ballad and the Genres in the Eighteenth Century - jstor

century consideration of ballads and other ancient poetry in terms of the classical ... William Shenstone, who contributed a definition of " ballad" to Percy, wrote a ...

The Reception of the Bluestockings by Eighteenth-Century ... - jstor

The impact of the Bluestockings and their writings on German wo men writers ... women, and members of the group later referred to their "blue stocking doctrine" ...

Marriage Settlements in the Eighteenth Century - jstor

BY H. J. HABAKKUK, M.A., F.R.Hist.S. Read 15 January ... a result of this device; since the estate could not be sold or given away ... Mr. Brynmor Pugh has drawn my attention to ... ductions. Yet this custom is of no ancient date in England .. .0.

Chinoiserie in Eighteenth Century England - jstor

The Chinoiserie furniture was highlighted by its surface decor tions, most ... 8 Alexander Chalmers, The Works of the English Poets , vol. 15 (London: J. ... There are different sites for Chinese gardens - on the hill or by the lake; in ... 493-98. 31 The letter was incorporated into the Letters Edifiantes and later translated by Jo-.

Scots in India in the Eighteenth Century - jstor

East India Company's civil, military or maritime services, had gone to the East as free traders, or had been drafted as reluctant soldiers into royal Scottish ...

The Clockwork Novel: Three Notes on an Eighteenth-Century ... - jstor

DONALDSON: THE CLOCKWORK NOVEL 15. Conceivably this 'critical judge of writing' was Johnson has not been noticed is that the analogy used on both ...

Freemasons' Music in the Eighteenth Century - jstor

has proved, never joined the Freemasons, added one of their songs to his assortment. ... Freemason song, quite like a student-song or a soldier-song, could.

Some Eighteenth-Century 'Restored' Boxers - jstor

D. Orpington, London 1984, pp. 22f, 29, 50f, 66f, 81, 84. (Sumerian, Akkadian ... 57 (G. B. Cipriani drawing in the BM);. N. Penny, 'Lord Rockingham's Sculpture ...

Absenteeism in Eighteenth Century Ireland - jstor

Eighteenth Century Ireland by A. P. W. Malcomson ... hifalutin titles from their English property, Cobham Hall, Gravesend,. Kent, and lived there but derived ...

The Medical Professions in the Eighteenth Century - jstor

Lord Kenyon in 1799 no licentiate had been admitted under it for six years. This was at a time when the medical profession was expanding at an unprecedented ...

The Artist as Hero in the Eighteenth Century - jstor

Because the artist as hero remains a primary focus of modern literature and art, the danger exists ... painting by Angelica Kauffmann, which of the sister arts prof.

British Society in the Eighteenth Century - jstor

useful are R. W. Malcolmson, Life and Labour in England, 1700-1780 (London, 1981);. P. Horn, The Rural World, 1780-1850 (London, 1980); J. Walvin, English ...

A Cabinet-Maker of the Eighteenth Century - jstor

A CABINET-MAKER OF THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY. In England, the South ... by the publication of books and re ... cabinet makers did not escape the rococo.

The English Malady of the Eighteenth Century - jstor

Spleen and Vapours, as well as -A Critical Dissertation on the Spl. Here too we ... footprint in the sand, had an attack of vapours " to the highest degree so that I ...

Social Mobility in the Eighteenth Century - jstor

family was founded by Samuel Whitbread I (I 720-96), the great London brewer ... for prestige in the House of Commons; the acquisition of a baronetage or peerage; ... see Roger Fulford, Sanmuel Whitbread, I764-i8I5: A Study in Opposition ... wondered whether the labourers' threshing, cleaning, and loading could be paid.

Eighteenth-Century Warfare Reconsidered - jstor

Eighteenth-century military capabilities and warfare are generally seen as limited. ... in the late seventeenth and for much of the eighteenth centuries .

Hilarity and Pitilessness in the Mid-Eighteenth Century ... - jstor

English jestbooks of this period offer innumerable jokes about cripples, dwarfs, and ... little time, bounce went the charcoal like so many crackers, down went the kettle into ... forms of print: in the crude chapbooks put out by the Dicey family or.

Sheep Farming in Sutherland in the Eighteenth Century - jstor

The cautious approach of the Sutherland estate management may be g of offers by two Ross-shire sheep farmers, Duncan Munro of Culcairn. Cromarty, acting ...

Eighteenth-Century England's Chinese Taste - jstor

Chinese Taste in Eighteenth-Century England (Cambridge, 2010) gives answers to ... nese Garden," touches on English "ambivalence" to Chinese styles of gar ing and ... D. L. Macdonald and K. Scherf (Hadleigh, 1997), esp. 37,148, and 153.

The Economics of Theatrical Dance in Eighteenth-Century ... - jstor

Capricious Lovers, Jamie's Return (of which an illustration exists), a Minuet de la Cour ... Praise him in Bishopsgate-street, praise him at St. Martin's in the Fields,.

Scottish Charity Schools of the Eighteenth Century - jstor

ligion, as judged by southern standards, was the want of suitable means of ... burgh schools the schoolmasters employed by the Society in. Scotland for ...

English Translations of Dante in the Eighteenth Century - jstor

epitaphs on Lady Carlisle's Dog, not bad, and a translation from Dante of the story of Count Ugolino, which I like the least of the four pieces.' This volume, which ...

Garrick's Body and the Labor of Art in Eighteenth-Century ... - jstor

to playhouse, to spectator. This essay addresses Garrick's symbolic and material body in the eighteenth-century theater. First and most important, I examine the ...

The impact of eighteenth century earthquakes on the Algarve ... - jstor

eighteenth century earthquakes and their associated tsunamis on the Algarve; and ... X-XI Luz Fort and bell tower were unaffected, but other ... example, in the Bay of Cadiz from 11 to 20 m ... 18 000 residents and c.40% of the tourist hotels.

Lord Chesterfield and Eighteenth-Century Appearance and ... - jstor

The article is an examination of Lord Chesterfield's belief that success in the great world of ... 22. "Joseph Priestley, Miscellaneous Observations Relating to Education. (Bath, 1778), xvii. ... to that cunning for which he is so famous; it might catch.

The English Silk Industry in the Eighteenth Century - jstor

shipped to England.12 Raw silk from India and China was deemed one of the East India ... Sherborne, Stalbridge, and Barnstaple each acquired proficiency in.

Female Architectural Patronage in the Eighteenth Century and ... - jstor

his wife Margaret Cavendish Holies (1661-1716), who was herself the third daughter ... The Gothick Hall at Welbeck Abbey, published in 1906 (Country Life) ... luxurious and modern architecture with her marital unhappiness.9 Like Lady Anne.

strolling actors in eighteenth-century england - jstor

is the journal of Roger Kemble (1721-1802), father of. Sarah Siddons and John Philip Kemble and for many years proprietor of a typical troop of strollers in the ...

An Eighteenth-Century Scottish Music Library - jstor

now in Edinburgh University Library and Edinburgh Public Library respectively): the. Aberdeen Musical Society's (c. 1755, now in Aberdeen Public Library): and ...