Building resilience - WHO/Europe - World Health Organization

30 Jun 2017 ... interact. Podcasts of the broadcasts are posted on the San Marino RTV website and are ... San Francisco: Jossey-. Bass Publishers; 1979. ... Rutten A, Abu-Omar K, Seidenstücker S, Mayer S. Strengthening the assets living in ...

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Building resilience - WHO/Europe - World Health Organization

30 Jun 2017 ... interact. Podcasts of the broadcasts are posted on the San Marino RTV website and are ... San Francisco: Jossey-. Bass Publishers; 1979. ... Rutten A, Abu-Omar K, Seidenstücker S, Mayer S. Strengthening the assets living in ...

Frailty and resilience in aging - World Health Organization

Formalized phenotype: Definition and validation of the clinical syndrome of frailty. Multiple (3-5/5) criteria present = frail: • Weight loss. • Weakness. • Exhaustion.

Home Care across Europe - WHO/Europe - World Health Organization

22 Feb 2011 ... Commission, the European Investment Bank, the World Bank, UNCAM (French National. Union of Health ... In each country, experts familiar with the daily practice of home care in ... Moise P, Schwarzinger M, Um M-Y(2004).

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common health policy / Leo A. Kaprio ... Leo A. Kaprio was born in Finland in 1918. ... Dr Hesselvik was followed in 1968 by Dr Louis Lataillade of France, my.

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16 Jan 2019 ... Dentists, Belgium. Jarno Habicht ... REPUBLIC – Nigel Edwards, Aigul Sydykova, Nazgul Tashpaeva, Hans Kluge and Jarno ... section starts off with Austria, where Schmidt and ... Moss F. Personal communication, 20 February. 2018. ... data/assets/pdf_file/0005/383054/HiT-Bulgaria-2018-web. pdf?ua=1.

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28 Nov 2009 ... Peter Anderson, Sally Casswell, Charles Parry, Jürgen Rehm. Chapter ... about policies that were effective in reducing tobacco usage – happening over ... of development aid began with the first meeting of the Bretton Woods.

Public Health in Austria - WHO/Europe - World Health Organization

Joy Ladurner. Marlene Gerger. Walter W. Holland. Elias Mossialos. Sherry Merkur. Susie Stewart. Rachel Irwin. Jürgen Soffried. 24. 24. Public Health in Austria.

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The watchdog role of civil society is part of what makes the. Dutch initiatives described ... kitchens, as well as providing breakfast sandwiches to schools for children in families eligible for poverty ... In Wren A, ed., The Political. Economy of the ...

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Added sugars and other sweetening agents (including all syrups, honey, fruit juice, fruit ... In the WHO European Region, Codex guidelines and European Union (EU) directives ensure that CACFs are safe and ... London: Imperial Consultants;.

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27 апр 2016 ... PLos One. 2013;8(6). 38. Tseng YT, Sun HY, ... Gordon SC, Muir AJ, Lim JK, Pearlman B, Argo CK, Ramani A, et al. Safety profile of boceprevir ...

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Kim Fleischer Michaelsen. Lawrence Weaver. Francesco Branca. Aileen Robertson. Методические рекомендации для. Европейского региона ВОЗ с особым ...

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policy_brief_comparative_size-of-irregular-migration.pdf, accessed 25 May 2011). ... exploration of relevant Council of Europe instruments, as well as EU provisions ... Ahonen, E.Q. and Benavides, F.G. (2006) Risk of fatal and non-fatal ...

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The World Health Organization was established in 1948 as a specialized agency of the ... Changes in food production methods, discussed in Chapter 3, have led to ... This is not the case for many small and medium-sized businesses, and they.

Prisons and Health - WHO/Europe - World Health Organization

20 Jan 2020 ... guide, as they underpin the objectives of a prison health service and support the ... The capacity of the human body to survive starvation or.

Mental Health - WHO/Europe - World Health Organization

... and psychosis (6). Fact sheets on sustainable development goals: health targets ... lives, mental health and well-being is also fundamental (2). Commitment to ...

Health in all policies (Rus) - WHO/Europe - World Health Organization

Risks and challenges in medical tourism: understanding the dynamics of the global market for ..., accessed 23 April 2013). 4.

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25 Feb 2013 ... (, 2013). There is no specific legislation concerning the methodology of HIA for policies proposed outside the health sector.

against Tuberculosis - WHO/Europe - World Health Organization

Dr Barbara Hauer ... Mrs Catherine M.D. Gay. Ms Claudia Groothaert. Mr Mercury Eric Harley. Mrs Annette Maria Schroer. Dr Katherine Anne Vanovitch.

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This document is designed to guide health workers in the process of supporting mothers to breastfeed successfully. Keywords. BREAST FEEDING. HEALTH ...

Lead - WHO/Europe - World Health Organization

Point sources, such as primary or secondary lead smelters, may create local pollution problems. The level of contamination of the surrounding air and soil ...

Lithuania - WHO/Europe - World Health Organization

Sickness Fund is a body accountable to the Prime Minister. The Statutory Health ... shops in Lithuania) and a wide choice of pharmacies in cities, people living in.

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28 Mar 2019 ... Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (1) underlines the ... by the Interministerial working group on SDGs and published in June 2018 (4).

HIV/AIDs in Europe - World Health Organization

Joana Godinho and Jaap Veen. 4. INJECTING DRUG ... Joana Godinho is a senior health specialist in the Human Development Department ... Burns FM et al.

Poland - WHO/Europe - World Health Organization

Koronkiewicz (National Center for Health System Management,. Warsaw) in collaboration with Judith Healy (European Observatory on. Health Care Systems).

Malta - WHO/Europe - World Health Organization

Faculty of Health Science, University of Malta; Directorate for Health ... Jonathan North, with the support of Caroline White, Sarah Cook (copy-editing) and Pat ... been a downward decline in most patterns of alcohol use among young people.

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State of Health in the EU · Romania · Country Health Profile 2019. 1 Highlights. Although it has increased, Romania has among the lowest life expectancy in the ...

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Triin Habicht, Estonian Health Insurance Fund, Tallinn, Estonia. Kristiina Kahur ... in 2009 and the VAT on pharmaceuticals, medical aids and devices from 5% to 9%. Excise ... (disability-free life expectancy) are set at 60 and 65 years, respectively. Table 1.4 ... (2007). Incorporation of public hospitals: a “silver bullet” against.

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Juha Teperi, Hanna Toiviainen, Kristian Wahlbeck and Eeva Widström. Additionally ... to specialist level hospitals and the inpatient wards became a fundamental part of chronic ... In this pilot, provision of primary health care and specialized ...

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the State actually increased its control of the health sector during that time. The majority of ... in exports pulled the economy out of recession in 2000. Increased ...

Studies - WHO/Europe - World Health Organization

particularly in the physician's office and the retail pharmacy. The beginnings of ... KELLAWAY, G.S.M. & MCCRAE, E. The effect of counselling on compliance ...

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Busse R, Blümel M. Germany: health system review. Health Systems ... wide procurement procedure; the role is currently held by the AQUA Institute. (Institute for ...

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on Health Care Systems, WHO Regional Office for Europe, Scherfigsvej 8, ... remuneration and licencing system is attractive, as a licence to practise in Lux-.

hbsc - WHO/Europe - World Health Organization

Hallal PC et al. ... Olweus D. Bully/victim problems among school children: some basic facts and ... Olweus D. The revised Olweus bully/victim questionnaire.

Болгария - WHO/Europe - World Health Organization

лекарственных средств, в настоящее время большинство аптек в стране ... Delcheva E. What do consumers pay for Bulgarian health care? Journal.

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Cancer and cardiovascular diseases are the two leading causes of death in Denmark (Figure 2). The mortality rate due to cancer is fourth highest in the EU, and in ...

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so-called heavy medical care units; legislation covering different professional ... Nursing homes are facilities for elderly people who are chronically ill, but who.