English - Vineyard Songs

Jesus, be the centre. A7sus4 G/B D .be my source, be my light Jesus. A7sus4 G/B D be my hope, be ... path, be my guide Jesus. CHORDS USED IN THIS SONG:.

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English - Vineyard Songs

Jesus, be the centre. A7sus4 G/B D .be my source, be my light Jesus. A7sus4 G/B D be my hope, be ... path, be my guide Jesus. CHORDS USED IN THIS SONG:.

Vineyard Music Group - who are we - Vineyard Songs

Kneeling before you now, all of my life. I gladly give to you ... Jesus, yes I love you, love you. Jesus my King ... D E. A. (For guitar chord diagrams, see next page) ...

To Be Like You - Vineyard Songs

Holy You are. D. G/D. Perfect and pure You are. D. G/D. Everything right You are. Asus. Yes, You are. D. (Alternate Chords: D/G). Oh, to be like You. D/F .

I Am Yours - Vineyard Songs

Now I am Yours, wholly Yours. C. D. Em. D. Use me, send me, I'm Yours, completely. G. All I have, I 'm laying down before You. D. Here I am, use me for Your ...

Everybody's Welcome - Vineyard Songs

Everybody's Welcome. Nigel Hemming. INTRO: [G F/G ] x7. Am G/B C A7/C# C/D. CHORUS: C/D. G. Em. A7. Everybody's welcome, anyone can come. C. D.

I SEE THE LORD - Vineyard Songs

I see the Lord He is high and lifted up [repeat]. C G . D. Angels cry holy holy is the Lord [repeat]. D. C. G. D. I see the Lord and His eyes are flaming like fire. D.

Adore Him - Vineyard Songs

Adore Him. CAPO 2. Am F C. Am F. C. It is by grace ... Come, let us, adore Him. Am Fmaj7 C. Come, let us, adore ... Oh adore Him. Oh adore Him. Samuel Lane.

surrender - Vineyard Songs

I'm giving You my heart. G2. All that is within. Asus. Bm. I lay it all down. A/C. #. D. For the sake of You my King. D. Asus. I'm giving You my dreams. G2.

Your Beloved - Vineyard Songs

Lord it was You who created the heavens. G. Bm7. C2. D. Lord it was Your hand that put the stars in their place ... Lord who am I compared to Your glory oh Lord.

Furious - Vineyard Songs

Furious. Jeremy Riddle. Key of G. INTRO: C2 Em7 C2 Em7. C2. Em7. Nothing can tear us from. C2. Em7. The grip of His mighty love. C2. Em7. We've only ...

shine - Vineyard Songs

E5. EM7. Shine Your light on us. A. Am. E5. That all may see Your goodness. E5. EM7. Shine Your face on us. A. Am. E5. That all may see Your glory. E. E/G.

Take My Life - Vineyard Songs

G C . D C. Holiness is what I need. G C . D. C. G C D . Holiness holiness is what You want from me. G. C. D. C. Faithfulness faithfulness is what I long for.

Yahweh - Vineyard Songs

And we will kneel before. A. E/G. #. The maker of the universe. A. E/G. #. B E/G. #. And we will call You Lord. YAHWEH. ANDY PARK. CCLI#1509406.

faithful one - Vineyard Songs

FAITHFUL ONE. BRIAN DOERKSEN. D. Em7. Faithful one so unchanging. A. G. D. Ageless one You're my rock of peace. D. Em7. Lord of all I depend on You. A.

YOU ARE GOOD - Vineyard Songs

YOU ARE GOOD. Capo Version. BRIAN JOHNSON & JEREMY RIDDLE. Introduction: A D. A. I want to scream it out from every mountain top. D. Your goodness ...

Deep Down - Vineyard Songs

nnnnb nnnnb œ œ. ‰ j œ œ deep, deep, down, down, ..œœ œœ œœ œœ ‰. J œ œ œ œ. A. E .œ œ œ œ. ‰ j œ œ œ œ œ .œ œ. Œ deep down in my heart. œ.

I Love Your - Vineyard Songs

I love I love I love Your presence. I LOVE YOUR PRESENCE. DARREN CLARKE & JESSIE LANE. CCLI#2678085. ©1999 Mercy/Vineyard Publishing. (ASCAP).

beautiful - Vineyard Songs

C2. F2. I need You like the rain. C2. F2. Come to me and sing again. C2. F2. I long for Your love so much. C2. F2. I've wanted Your pure touch. Am. G. F2.

Dry Bones - Vineyard Songs

Holy wind, come move and stir in us a passion. D/F#. G Asus A. We wanna go wherever you will go. Post-chorus. A/C# D G Bm A/C# D G. Hallelujah, we sing ...

lordreign - Vineyard Songs

Over all the earth, you reign on high,. G..... F. G Am7. Every mountain stream, every sunset sky. G F. G Dm7. But my one request, Lord, my only aim. Is that you'd ...

All For You Jesus - Vineyard Songs

Every hand that's lifted up in praise. Chorus: B. It's all for You, Jesus. E (G#m final chorus). All for You, Jesus. C#m. G#m. All of the glory, and power, and praise.

i believe in jesus - Vineyard Songs

Here with the power to heal now. A. B. E. And the grace to forgive. E A . B. I believe in You Lord. E. A. B. I believe You are the Son of God. E. A. B. I believe You ...

breathe - Vineyard Songs

in me. D2/A: This is my daily bread. D2/A. This is my daily bread. E/G# F#m E D2 F#m E. Your very ... I'm lost without You ... CHORDS USED IN THIS SONG: A2.

thank you for the cross - Vineyard Songs

Even then You showed Your love for us. C. D. G. Giving up Your life upon the Cross. G. Am. G/B. D. Jesus thank You for the Cross. Am. G/B. D. For the blood that ...

full attention - Vineyard Songs

FULL ATTENTION. JEREMY RIDDLE. G. Gmaj7 C2. May Your voice be louder. G. Gmaj7 C2. May Your voice be clearer. Am7 G/B. C2 Am7 G/B C2. Than all the ...

Change My Heart - Vineyard Songs

Change my heart oh God. Gsus. G C. Make it ever true. CM7. Am7. Dm7. Change my heart oh God. Gsus. G. C. May I be like You. Esus/B E. Am7. You are the ...

Father Of Lights - Vineyard Songs

Father of lights You delight in Your children. A. D/A. A D/A. Father of lights You delight in Your children. A. E. D. Every good and perfect gift comes from You. A.

Arms Of Love - Vineyard Songs

Em. I'm grateful for the things You've done. C Em. D. My loving Savior oh precious Jesus. Am. Em. D/F. #. G. My heart is glad that You've called me Your own.

i love your presence - Vineyard Songs

m. B2 A2. In the glory of Your presence. C. m. B2 A2. C. m. B2 A2. I find rest for my soul. C. m. B2 A2. C. m. B2 A2. In the depths of Your love. C. m. B2 A2.

burn bright - Vineyard Songs

G. D. So I want to burn bright for You. Em. C (G). And shine like the stars shine for You. G D . C (go to a G - G7 before the bridge). I, oh I, I want to shine.

freedom reigns - Vineyard Songs

FREEDOM REIGNS. Introduction: C Am G F. (Piano Introduction: C Am Am/B Am/G Am/F). C. Am. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. G. F.

your love chords - Vineyard Songs

Em. A. Your will is life changing. D/F#. Your love heart breaking. G. Meet with me. F#m. G. Your love Your love yea it flows through me. Bm. Runs deep to deep.

All That I Am Is Yours - LYRICS.pages - Vineyard Songs

All That I Am Is Yours. Anabeth Morgan, Justin Law. Verse 1: I am Yours because You came for me. Stayed until the work was done. You defeated sin on Calvary.

fall afresh - Vineyard Songs

G......C................G...............D...................Em7. Spirit.of.the.living.God.come.fall.afresh.on.me .........C...........................G...D/F#. Come.wake.me.from.my.sleep. Em7..

2 Glorious.pages - Vineyard Songs

A. B. C#m. The skies have no speech; use no words,. B. A. Silent, not one sound is heard. B. C#m. Yet their voice fills the earth. A. B. C#m. The moon and the ...

If You Say Go-Enhanced.indd - Vineyard Songs

G5. C2. Come and heal me Lord I will follow. G/B. C2. Where You lead me Lord I will go. G5 C2. G/B C2. I will go I will go. Alternate Chords: Capo 5. G5. C2. G/B.