Recent Literature of the English Renaissance - jstor

General by Archer Taylor (1296-1302), English by Albert C. Baugh. (1302-42), American ... Some Aspects of Classical Influence in Medieval England, by E. F. ... Rev. by H. B. Charlton in Manchester Guardian Weekly, xxxi, 155; ... See letter by Percy A. Scholes in TLS, June 14, 1934, p. 424 ... Hall, Oxford. ... Nathaniel Lee.

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Recent Literature of the English Renaissance - jstor

General by Archer Taylor (1296-1302), English by Albert C. Baugh. (1302-42), American ... Some Aspects of Classical Influence in Medieval England, by E. F. ... Rev. by H. B. Charlton in Manchester Guardian Weekly, xxxi, 155; ... See letter by Percy A. Scholes in TLS, June 14, 1934, p. 424 ... Hall, Oxford. ... Nathaniel Lee.

Recent Literature of the Renaissance - jstor

de los sacramentos. Estudios Onienses ... From the author's book Las mujeres en Shakespeare, Monte- video['?], 1884. ... sessing at least two suburban places or one place in Hammersmith; ... Disertacion sobre los molinos de viento." Rev. de ...

Recent English Studies in Travel Literature - jstor

with a greater claim to truth, is Alain de Botton's The Art of Travel,2 a searching meditation on the ... Interiors" is a study of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and Elizabeth Craven. Like Chung, Kostova examines ... W. Presley's "D. H. L. Espey's study.


By 1580 he had completed a version of his heroic prose romance. “The Arcadia”, an intricately plotted narrative of 180,000 words. Early in 1581 his aunt, the ...

polish medieval and renaissance music: recent discoveries ... - jstor

celebration of a thousand years of statehood and Christianity in Poland, the State Institute of ... Among the most valuable findings is a six-volume organ tablature.

Literature of the Renaissance in 1953 - jstor

Arundell Esdaile; vi, coll. Geoffrey ... Astrology: A Bibliographical Survey and a Bibliography," pp. ... Dunn, Peter N. " The Horoscope Motif in La vida es sueno.".

Literature of the Renaissance in 1966 - jstor

Hoax?" ShN, I6, 29-30. E56o. Marder, Louis. "Systematizing Shakespeare Studies and Editing the Variorum ... Worms."' Explicator, 25, 12. E843. Goldwyn, Merrill Harvey. "Notes on the Biography of Thomas ... E0o7z. Roche, Thomas P. The Kindly Flame. ... Rev: Jose Marla Ferrero, Cuadernos del idioma, no. 5 (July), PP.

Literature of the Renaissance in 1954 - jstor

Rev: Clifford Leech, MLR, XLIX, 112; Selby Hansen, South Atl. Bul., xx, May, 13-4; see 1954: E63. ... It109. Sapori, Armando. " Cosimo Medici e un Fatto Giutaro ...

Literature of the Renaissance in 1958 - jstor

Belge, xxxv (1957), 834-5; Maria Rosa. Lida de ... RLC, XXX, 111-4; Marc J. Bensimon, Romance Philol., xi, 317-20;. E. Garin ... Lida de Malkiel, Maria Rosa. ... Var, Lucien. ... IXXIII) 137-9; Pierre Melese, Rev. d' hist. du the'attre, Ixe an., 198;.

Literature of the Renaissance in 1957 - jstor

Scholar, xxvi, 251; J. H., Book Collector, vi, 201; Bradford. F. Swan, Papers Bibliog. ... The library of Jean Chambeli of Issoudin in Berry. F40. Lacoarret, Marie.

Recent Ornithological Literature - jstor

in captive St. Lucia parrots Amazona versicolor. Dodo ... sitta spixii at Loro Parque, Tenerife. ... Eugenes ful- ... (Museu Zool., apartat de correus 593, 08080 Bar-.

Recent Caesar Literature - jstor

New York: American Book Co., 1901. $ .25. (An edition of Books I-IV is also published.) CAESAR'S GALLIC WAR. With Introduction, Notes, ...

Recent Literature on Lichens. 166 - jstor

plantation]. Blyttia 52: 81-87. 5 fig. 2 tab. [Compari- son of a 90 year-old pine plantation and an old natural pine forest. "Some species considered indicators of.

Recent Literature on the History of Turkish Architecture - jstor

done by Rudolf M. Riefstahl, whose Turkish Architecture of South- western Anatolia4 surveys the Beylik and Ottoman monuments of several of the Aegean and ...

The View from the Concave Stair: Recent Literature on ... - jstor

822 RENAISSANCE QUARTERLY. Robert Tavernor. On Alberti and the Art of don: Yale University Press, 1998. xv 278 p. $60. ISBN: 0-300-07615-0.

Recent Literature on the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet ... - jstor

David Glanz and Jonathan House, When Titans Clashed - How the Red Army Stopped Hitler. (Lawrence, Kansas: University Press of Kansas, 1995), 414 pp., ...

Concepts of Relative Importance in Recent Scientific Literature - jstor

relative importance. KEY WORDS: Causation; Empirical literature studies;. Multiple regression; Statistical significance. 1. INTRODUCTION.

Recent Literature on Diego Rivera and Mexican Muralism - jstor

This hip sum- mary of the book lays out in a probably unintentional manner Hamill's over- arching ideological agenda: When a colorful newsman from Brooklyn ...

Lesbian Life and Literature: A Survey of Recent German ... - jstor

homophile associations. Covertly grinding out flyers with a mimeograph machine, the Sonntags-Club of Berlin became the first independent. Lesbian group ...

The Crone in English Renaissance Drama - jstor

Though virgins may be the subject of negotiation, they hav few lines. ... she grew older, and her death in 1603 may well have unleashed a backl. Trivializing ... Even the rare wise older woman, whom culture tries to assimilate, frequently has little real ... She makes fierce spoil and swells with wicked triumph. To bury her lean ...

Metaphors of the Book as Garden in the English Renaissance - jstor

18 For a superb philological excursus on the word paradise, originally ... the crew of curious carpers (which more of malice then good meaning accustomed.

Recent Indian English Poetry - jstor

ifffiiHSS English Poetry. SUDEEP SEN currents). Measures of Home by Leela Gandhi is one of the mo accomplished debut collections of verse by a young.

The First English Globe: A Recent Discovery - jstor

ship wrorthy successors to the globes of Gemma Frisius and Gerard Mercator ... 4 Sir William Sanderson, 'An answer to a scurrilous pamphlet' (1656), sig. A3V.

English Teaching in China: A Recent Survey - jstor

teaching policy in China, English curricula, teaching materials, and teaching ... as the following in eighteen ESL classes we observed at primary, secondary.

some recent english translations of modern urdu poetry - jstor

Ahmad Faraz, who has made no mark as a poet of the Urdu nazm. Both, the selection of poets and the number of poems in individual cases do not create any ...

William Jay's English Works after 1822: Recent Discoveries - jstor

to have been Paragon Buildings, Bath Road, Cheltenham built between I823-26,5 followed by the better-known ... Cheltenham Art Gallery &. Ci ?i% . * to.~.

Eighteenth-Century English Politics: Recent Work - jstor

I would like to thank Nigel Aston, Peter Borsay, Grayson Ditchfield, Perry Gauci, Bill Gibson,. Bob Harris, Colin Haydon, and Stephen Taylor for their comments ...

recent studies in early modern english life writing - jstor

and practices of late medieval and early modern autobiography, drawing attention to the convergence ... (2006), examines the journal of itinerant seaman Edward Barlow (pp. 63-127) ... Gary Kuchar, "Representation and Embodiment in John ...

The Birds of Old English Literature - jstor

is the lists of bird-names in the glosses, in some of which there seems to be a rude ... aar; Icel. ari; Goth, ara; related to Gr. opvt?. At present, two species of eagle ...

The Language and Literature of the English before the ... - jstor

But it was called AEnglisc for all that. What the difference is now between Anglian and Saxon may be seen by a compari- son of the English of Edinburgh with ...

The Classics and Contemporary English Literature - jstor

responsibility: that awareness which made. Thucydidies admire Pericles. The aristocracy for which much of classical literature was written was at its best a landed ...

English Literature of the Fourteenth Century - jstor

to appr-eciate his skill in the construction of the poem. I would suggest that Professor. SKEAT take a few words uponI this topic, in some future edition, from a ...

Some Uses of Angel Iconography in English Literature - jstor

Of the nine orders of celestial intelligences given rank by Dionysius the Areopagite,2 ... revolution of the smallest circle of angels (seraphim) is equivalent to th ... intellect, there is a distinction of order between the procession of love and the pro-.

Sir William Jones and English Literature - jstor

they still find room for James Macpherson, omit even the name of Sir William ... great collection of The English Poets (1810).2 As none of these works (except.

Select Bibliography of the Literature of the English-speaking ... - jstor

1998 Guyana Prize for Literature- Best First Book of Poetry. ... Electricity Comes to Cocoa Bottom. Leeds: ... Not a Copper Penny in the House: Poems from the.

Literature by the Working Class: English Autobiographies ... - jstor

of Robert Blincoe, An Orphan Boy (1832), one of the five autobiographies that Cassandra. Falke considers in her study. Rather than focus on Blincoe's famous ...