The Buchanan Book - Electric Scotland

"Fintona is a market-town in the County of Tyrone, ... William Buchanan of Fintona died in 1834, aged 70 years. ... where he studied medicine and surgery.

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The Buchanan Book - Electric Scotland

"Fintona is a market-town in the County of Tyrone, ... William Buchanan of Fintona died in 1834, aged 70 years. ... where he studied medicine and surgery.

Buchanan's popular illustrated guide to ... - Electric Scotland

garvies or eeltail, or small trout for natural bait, while artificial minnow of various ... of the Blane on the Milngavie and Strathblane road includes a nasty bend, ...

The book of the Duffs - Electric Scotland

Further,in the year 1685, and afterwards, William Duff of Inverness is always describedin legal ... daughters, Katherine, who married Alexander Duff of Inverness, will be treated of later. ... Pamela Amanda Killiek, and has four children : 1.

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A COMEDIAN IN. THE REIGN ... Colin, Earl of Argyle, Chancellor of Scotland, called by the Highland- ... light, was from this Earl Colin and Sir John Campbell.

The book of the Old Edinburgh Club - Electric Scotland

an almost universal feature in old Edinburgh streets. In the courtyard behind ... They cover the site of the notorious haunted close known as. ' Mary King's Close.' ... After mentioning, in the Notes to Waverley, that ' the House of. Warrender upon ... British Railway Station Hotel, and was entirely demolished in 1896. It extended ...

AAH Book of The First World War 3rd Ed - 2016 UK - Electric Scotland

William Gibbons, 26 Planetary Road, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 3XT. Distributed in the UK, Eire & the Rest ... General Lord Cavan, included the British 7th and 23rd Divisions. ... logisticians, staff officers and veterinarians, could also be ...

Clan Menzies Book - Electric Scotland

Menzies, Bruce and Stewart. 16. Janet and the Wolf. 20. Tartan and Armorial Bearings. 21. English Aristocracy. 24. The Menzies Genealogy. 25. Home on the ...

The Sutherland book. Memoirs - Electric Scotland

Lady Harriet Howard, his Duchess, with child on knee, . 501 ... the long disused coal-mines at Brora, and inaugurating other works for brick- making, sawmills ...

Book of Bruce; ancestors and descendants of ... - Electric Scotland

ter, Janet Bruce, married William Livingstone, the younger, who fell on Flodden field. Sir Robert Bruce, son of the preceding,succeeded his father in Stanehouse ...

AAH Book Of Greatest Battles 2nd Ed - 2016 UK - Electric Scotland

Tel 0203 787 8060 Distributed in ... British Army in the battle, was convinced he had ... Print edition available at

Or and sable : a book of the Graemes and Grahams - Electric Scotland

as 1680 in a ratification by Barbara, Countess of Seafield, as Robert Graeme, but his descendants were fast abandoning it for Graham. Mercer's Chronicle (MS.) ...

The Elphinstone family book of the lords ... - Electric Scotland

the marriage of Margaret Keith, sister of. Sir Archibald Primrose, Lord Register, in the. Lady Primrose, with Sir John Johnstone of. Johnstones of Elphinstone ...

The English and Australian cookery book - Electric Scotland

Against the autocracy of Downing Street he carried the Preferable Heir Act, which saved the colony from ... creme de la creme of the cheapest of Soyer's productions. I will not be ... Sir S. Northcote. Debate in the ... La. Cuisiniere Bourgeoise.

The Forfar directory and year book - Electric Scotland

Blind Institution, Royal, Dundee ... Stewart's, Cycle and Radio Engineer ... Municipal Buildings,Forfar, Superintendent, to whom names of blind persons shouldbe.

INTABA BOOK 2019-v1 S.BRUCE - Electric Scotland

which is now Buildbase, and sells all sorts of building products not just timber. The following ships were built in Aberdeen for Fleming / Fleming & Co.: Ship Type ...

Montrose year-book and directory - Electric Scotland

Cycle and Motor Agents and Makers,. 133 HIGH ... Robert's succession to the estate, and the first three of ... W. F. J. Robberds, Bishop of Brechin, elected Primus.

or, The British home cookery book - Electric Scotland

Coomber Cake (Sussex) . 758. Cornflour Cakes ... Saffron Cake (Cornwall). 331. 852. ... you dish it up, pour the minced meat at the bottom, and have ready, fried ...

The Arbroath year book and Fairport almanac ... - Electric Scotland

Carnoustie, and other important additions have been made, and they ... Annual Reports and Balance Sheets on application to the Agents ... smooth inner sole.

Walter hood book 2018-v1 up to page 110 ... - Electric Scotland

16 Aug 2018 ... Walter Hood & Co., Shipbuilders, York Street, Footdee, Aberdeen, 1839 to 1881. Stanley ... The hey-day of sail was now over ... (Brazil). Ship Name(s) Fame. Rig. Brig, 2 masts, 1 deck, a square stern, and a standing bowsprit.

The Celtic annual : year book of Dundee ... - Electric Scotland

THE CELTIC ANNUAL. Year ^ook of. T)undee Highland Society. ( :I)r(incii of Jin Comunn Qaidhealoch). EDITED BY MALCOLM C. MACLEOD. DUNDEE :.

The book of record, a diary written by Patrick first ... - Electric Scotland

20 Oct 1971 ... ascertained from the entries referring to sales made by Lord. Strathmore. ... displenishing without payment of anythingand many other.

Notes on the folk-lore of the north-east of Scotland - Electric Scotland

Aberdeen —Drum—Duff —Fraser—Gordon—Hay^Earl of Mar—Ogilvie ... at King's College, Aberdeen, were greatly in favour.* ... Cum a riddle, fizz oot." " Anerie ...

Ancient laws and customs of the Burghs of Scotland - Electric Scotland

Sir William Bilsland, Bart., Lord Provost of Glasgow, 28 Park Circus, Glasgow. ... Moncrieff Mitchell, Esq., 8 Kew Terrace, Kelvinside, Glasgow. ... and mohair.

Edinburgh and South of Scotland trades' directory ... - Electric Scotland

sidence for Visitors to Edinburgh on business or pleasure. ... Macintyre,. 7. South. Charlotte street. Hope, Thomas, 18. Hartingfon pi. ... class Scotch Jewellery.

Place names, Highlands & islands of Scotland - Electric Scotland

the Bishop's lands, and was excommunicated, in return for which he burnt, in 1390, the towns ... Similarly, Ckii. Hay or Ha cannot stand for Clan Dai or David-.

The Tourists' handy guide to Scotland - Electric Scotland

connexion withthree railway termini, all now consolidated in the ... Scottish Academy,—the westernone con- ... Hotel, notable for the frequent presence of royal ...

A history of secondary education in Scotland - Electric Scotland

Learning in Scotland.—Scottish students resort to Continental Universities.—The founding of St. Andrews, Glasgow, and Aberdeen Universities.—The University ...

Calendar of documents relating to Scotland ... - Electric Scotland

dition which ended disastrously for the Norwegians at Largs.7. From this period, however, ... corum), London, one moiety at Michaelmas and the other at Easter,.

The Genealogy of the Morrison Origins in Scotland - Electric Scotland

12. 190. Morrisons in Scotland came from the South and slowly migrated North ... (her second marriage who was first married to Sir Robert Innes of Balvenie). A.

Old Ross-shire and Scotland, as seen in the Tain ... - Electric Scotland

now only a portion of a farm, just ... curious method of assigning or farming out the fines, for we have : ... queach, Sex plaids and ane litle fale [bedding, linen, and.

The dialect of the southern counties of Scotland - Electric Scotland

title of King of the Scots, the latter word gradually1 acquiring a ... Wain is glossed by Pinkerton as " a latter years, when the expression was child"; so that.

Geographical collections relating to Scotland ... - Electric Scotland

lamentations of the mother, four men went presently thither ... natural Gold of Scotland unto Tyber Gold, who say that the ... and one at Nether Cranstoun.

Scotland. Owners of Lands and Heritages, 17 ... - Electric Scotland

Morrice, David R. . Address of Owner. Rothney Inn, Premnay . ... Hunter's Quay. 1. 347 - of Mishnish . Mishnish ... Moon, William. Edenfield, Cnpar . ОQ. 170. Do.

Scotland and Scotsmen in the Eighteenth Century - Electric Scotland

nursery. It was a beautiful dry situation,'^ prefer¬ able in many respects to Manour. ... But in the low grounds of the parishes of Lecropt and Logie, it was so.

The Ferguson family in Scotland and America - Electric Scotland

Inverurie, had a double matrimonial connection with the Fergusons, and in his old age ... until after midnight, and the General told him that he would send his. Valet de ... inform you that I have made an elegant plan of buildings upon my ground ...

Ancient Catholic homes of Scotland - Electric Scotland

From " Scottish Sports and Pastimes.^'. Old Fort Augustus. 109. Do}n. Paulinus Garwood, O.S.B., Fort Augustus. Beaufort Castle (from the North) . . .117.