Fionn and Suibhne in 'At Swim-Two-Birds' - jstor

Abhartach, comes in similarly loathsome guise to play pranks on the Fianna: [One of the Fianna] saw coming directly towards him from the east a virile and truly ...

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Fionn and Suibhne in 'At Swim-Two-Birds' - jstor

Abhartach, comes in similarly loathsome guise to play pranks on the Fianna: [One of the Fianna] saw coming directly towards him from the east a virile and truly ...

Flann O'Brien's at Swim-Two-Birds - jstor

the devil class', the Pooka Mac Phellimey; the second, the unusual ... out by the novel's succeeding pages. ... affirmation of life within the pages of At Swim.

Citation and Spectrality in Flann O'Brien's "At Swim-Two-Birds" - jstor

outside of the pages of Trellis's manuscript, spending much of their time engaged in ... as 'rat-brained' (p.30) and the devilish Pooka is later called a master of.

Frontier Instability in Flann O'Brien's At Swim-Two-Birds Monique ...

The Pooka refers to King Sweeny as if he were a mere ordinary Dublin man--"I think I know the gentleman. . . . I fancy . . . that it is a party by the name of Sweeny.

Pink paper and the composition of Flann O'Brien's At-Swim-Two-Birds

pagination, and stylistic patterns) that the pink pages were written before the ... collection of narratives about Finn, Trellis, Orlick, the Pooka and the Good Fairy,.

The Structure of Flann O'Brien's" At Swim-Two-Birds"

the Pooka and the Good Fairy, beside such moderns as Shanahan,. Lamont ... All quotations are from this edition, to which page numbers in the essay refer. 35 ...

Single holidays – Fionn Davenport

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A deer cult in Buile Suibhne - Archive ouverte HAL

9 Sep 2011 ... L'archive ouverte pluridisciplinaire HAL, est destinée au ... the ancient mantic systems of the southern portion of Eurasia, as the cult of Othin.

Adapting the Story of Suibhne in Neil Gaiman's American Gods

Published in 2001, Neil Gaiman's American Gods positions America as a ... version of Sweeney started out as a guardian of a sacred rock in a little Irish glade.

1 FIONN IN HELL An anonymous early sixteenth-century poem in ...

of places associated with the Fenians is vital to medieval Fenian literature in general, ... Ulster Cycle heroes, introduced as giants in this text, are to be found in ...

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I consent/do not consent to the taking of photograph(s)/video(s) of my child/children at the Atherton Swimming. Pool from ___/___/___ and any subsequent use of ...

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organisations involved in the UK baby swimming industry argues the ... As pointed by Clare Haskett from Turtle Swim School 'Even a competent swimmer can ...

Report on rare birds in Great Britain in 2011 - British Birds Rarities ...

updated information on earlier sightings through corres - ... presumed same Dingle Marshes RSPB and Minsmere RSPB, intermittently 7th–20th October,.

Arrival dates of migrant bush birds in the Strathalbyn district - Birds SA

2 Feb 2014 ... A collaborative community-wide record of arrival times (first seasonal records) of 18 bird species over 45 years in the Strathalbyn district ...

Birds by the Wayside - jstor

encircling valleys of Biblical fame dropped down into the blue middle-distance of ... "swallow " shoul'd read " swift," meaning the Common ... and two Mourning (or Pied) Chats (Saxicola lugens). The ... two Wagtails and a Redbreast. The last ...

birds of bunda - jstor

Line 2: Record numbers of Benson (B), Mackworth-Praed and. Grant (M) and ... EMERALD-SPOTTED WOOD DOVE Turtur chalcospilos (Wagl.) B194. M359.

The Classification of Birds - jstor

more species than Aves, are almost universally included in three orders; while the schemes for avian classification contain twenty orders or more, or, worse still, ...

des 56 birds and buildings - jstor

Control pigeons through construction of dovecotes, and the provision of associated management techniques, such as ... can provide shelter, permanent food supplies can ... returned to the Baltic Flour Mill. ... flights (Winning & Murray, 1997).

Torpidity in Birds - jstor

chimney swallow, as follows: "In our house there is a large chimney which has been the nesting ... of live hummingbirds are well aware of a proneness to torpid.

birds of the port wakefield district, 1968-1985 - Birds SA

300 mm at Port Wakefield and increases to over 400 mm near Lochiel. ... WHISTLING KITE Haliastur sphenurusBr ... RED-KNEED PLOVER Erythrogonyscinctus.

the abnormal breeding of birds in the winter 1953/54 - British Birds

(I.O.W. County Press 2nd Jan. 1954, per. J. Stafford; letter from F. G. Clegg, 2nd May 1954; letter from P. Sleightholme,. 4th May 1954.) First egg: 6th-iyth Dec.

Population estimates of birds in Great Britain and the ... - British Birds

Rare migrants and vagrants (species covered by BBRC) were excluded unless there were recent breeding records. Estimating non-breeding numbers of seabirds ...

Synanthropic Birds and Parasites - jstor

This paper describes the parasitologic findings for 60 synanthropic bird carcasses recovered in the Campania region of southern Italy. Birds consisted of 20 ...

Birds of the Mongol Empire - jstor

number of eagles, all broken to catch wolves, foxes, ... Marco Polo also made notes on Mongol bird use. ... Norwich 2005 [a reprint of a 1909 edition of a book.

Birds and Army Ants - jstor

World birds follow marching swarms of army ants and capture arthropods flushed by the ants. ... type genus of the neotropical family Formicariidae; of 238 species of antbirds) that it stayed ... lies for which we have no documented records of ant following, if by "documented ... Colorado Island, Panami Canal Zone. Proc. Linn.

The Birds of Old English Literature - jstor

is the lists of bird-names in the glosses, in some of which there seems to be a rude ... aar; Icel. ari; Goth, ara; related to Gr. opvt?. At present, two species of eagle ...

Birds of Oman and Muscat - jstor

The Sultanate of Muscat and Oman3 in southeastern Arabia consists of an 800-mile strip of Arabian coastline fronting on the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea.

Birds in the Poetry of Browning - jstor

Or fish the luck o' the puddle. (The Ring, 4. 89). The poet refers only to persons who grub about harbours (cf. O.E.D.), though 'mudlark'.

Poison-Detecting Birds - jstor

The Malabar bird, likewise the parrot, and the maina, these birds shriek in high excitement upon seeing poison or snakes; the eyes of the cakora partridge ...

Pair-Formation in Birds - jstor

takes no part in the rearing of the brood, the females nest in his territory, and he ... parrots (Psittacidae) pair for life, and since Tavistock found this true o ...

The Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand - NZ Birds Online

Pages 92, 106, 107, 300, 307, 308. ... Breeding adult has white forehead ... Underparts white except black band across upper breast, narrower in female.