Love and Relationships Poetry – Knowledge Organiser - Willingdon ...

Walking Away by C. Day Lewis ... Context. -Cecil Day Lewis was an Irish poet who lived between. 1904 and ... autobiographical: he is perhaps talking about his.

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Love and Relationships Poetry – Knowledge Organiser - Willingdon ...

Walking Away by C. Day Lewis ... Context. -Cecil Day Lewis was an Irish poet who lived between. 1904 and ... autobiographical: he is perhaps talking about his.

Year 9 Knowledge Organiser – Poetry

Remember to follow the SMILE structure. How does the poet use language and structure ... Clear explanation of writer's methods with ... Flag by John Agard.

Year 7 Poetry Knowledge Organiser

Poem. Poet. Blessing. Imtiaz Dharker. Island of Paradise. Hemakumar Nanayakkara. Island Man. Grace Nichols. Upon Westminster Bridge. William Wordsworth.

Power and Conflict Poetry – Knowledge Organiser

Context. -Set around the time of the Iraq and Afghan wars, but the conflict is ... Context. -Emigree was published in 1993. The home country of the speaker is not ...


Mother, any distance – 1993. Simon Armitage. This poem is loosely based on the sonnet form and explores the emotional connection of mother and child.

Love's Philosophy Sonnet 29 - Willingdon Community School

ELIZABETH BARRETT BROWNING. Love's Philosophy. The fountains mingle with the river. And the rivers with the ocean,. The winds of heaven mix for ever.

B2. Knowledge Organiser

respiration. Glucose Oxygen --> Carbon dioxide Water. C6H12O6 6O2 → 6CO2 6H2O. 32. Is respiration endothermic or exothermic? Exothermic. 33.

B3. Knowledge Organiser

Define 'osmosis'. Net movement of water molecules down the water concentration gradient through a partially permeable membrane. 10. Define 'dilute'.

Knowledge Organiser - AWS

Macbeth is the shortest tragedy that Shakespeare wrote. It is fast moving and compressed. Shakespeare became very popular with the king and went to London ...

Knowledge Organiser

To complete your homework you will use your knowledge organiser in addition to any other ... You must keep evidence of all of your tasks to show to your teachers. ... the 1700s and George Stephenson and Isambard Kingdom Brunel oversaw.

'The Tempest' Knowledge Organiser

Plot Summary. The Tempest (I.i). Alonso, the King of Naples, is on a ship with his son. Ferdinand and his companions Sebastian, Antonio,. Stephano and ...

Sign of Four Knowledge Organiser

... characters travel to the Lyceum Theatre. During this time Mary shows Holmes and. Watson a 'curious paper' with a symbol and the words 'the sign of the four' ...

Year 10 Knowledge Organiser

20 Jan 2020 ... ... numeracy will be using SPARX and literacy will be using Doddle, both ... E.g. quiet during rallies at Wimbledon, quiet during play in snooker, ...

Castles Knowledge Organiser

Key vo- cabulary. Definition. Castle. A large building, fortified against attack with ... around the outside of the castle walls then filled with ... Cardiff Castle, Wales.

Macbeth – Knowledge Organiser

Macbeth – Knowledge Organiser. Plot summary. Act I scene i – The three witches gather to in a thunder storm to meet Macbeth. Act I scene ii – Duncan hears ...

Art and Design Knowledge Organiser

When analysing work, use the Content/Form/Process/Mood model. 4 ... ideas and experimenting with appropriate media, materials, techniques and processes. 1.

knowledge organiser - Hillsgrove

KNOWLEDGE ORGANISER. HISTORY: BONFIRE NIGHT ... Warwick Castle,. Warwick. Where Catesby gathered horses during his desperate flight. Hagley Hall,.

Year 2 Knowledge Organiser

Elizabeth I was Queen of England and. Ireland for 45 ... Elizabeth I was Queen is known as England's Golden Age. Royal ... London. Timeline of British Monarchs.

Ferris Knowledge Organiser

Key Elements of Film Form (Micro elements). Mise-en-scene: Establishing shot is of a classically suburban, upper middle class home, a 'white house'. This is ...

Year 8 'Much Ado About Nothing' Knowledge Organiser

deceived by their friends into thinking ... chastity deception disguise disgrace faithful friendship gender hero hiding honour ... Benedick is tricked into thinking.


The 5 Ks – Items that the. Khalsa Sikhs wear to show their commitment. Sewa – service to others. GURUS. Sikhism began in India in the 15th. Century by Guru ...

Romans Knowledge Organiser - Read-Only

Why were the Romans important for Britain? Important People. Emperor Claudius. First Roman emperor to successfully invade Britain. Julius Caesar. Famous ...

Chemistry Knowledge Organiser C6 - Electrolysis

This means there is more than one possible ion that can go to each electrode. · Positive ions: sodium (Na ) and hydrogen (H ). · Negative ions: chlorine (Cl-) and ...

Knowledge Organiser - The Duston School

How could attack and defend a castle? 6. How and why did castles ... Castles were a way of keeping the enemy out and the Normans safe. Castles developed ...

Knowledge Organiser - The Dean Academy

Context and Act 1 - Knowledge Organiser. Plot summary. Act I scene i – The three witches gather to in a thunder storm to meet Macbeth. Act I scene ii – Duncan ...


TURTON SCHOOL HISTORY DEPARTMENT – KNOWLEDGE ORGANISER – LIFE IN ... King William II: Known as William Rufus because of his red hair. He.

DNA Dennis Kelly: Knowledge Organiser

Act 1. Mark and Jan discuss that someone is 'dead' and this throws the audience into the middle of the action. Leah talks and Phil eats. Leah wants answers to ...

KS3 Knowledge Organiser Year 7 Term 1

Key words. Fyrd – farmers who became fighters. Housecarls – King Harold's army. Senlac Hill – location of the battle of Hastings. Cavalry – soldiers on horses.

Year 7 Knowledge Organiser – Movement

Antagonistic muscle pair: Muscles working in unison to create movement ... Muscles work in pairs called antagonistic pairs. When one muscles contracts and the ...

Year 3 Knowledge Organiser Term 1a.pdf - DES

Sloth. Lives in the Amazon Rainforest. Canopy. The sloth rarely climbs ... Toucan. Inhabits the canopy of Amazon. Rainforest. With short, thick neck, the toucan is.

Jekyll and Hyde Knowledge Organiser

'The man trampled calmly over the child's body and left her screaming on the ground. It sounds nothing to hear, but it was hellish to see.' 2. Search for. Mr Hyde.

'Oliver Twist': Knowledge Organiser

Oliver is born in the workhouse. ... Oliver is wrongly arrested for the theft. The gentleman, Mr. Brownlow, takes ... villain – a 'baddie' who harms other people or.

Transactional Writing Knowledge Organiser

Article. • Catchy and punchy heading. • Introduction to create interest – (include who, what, where, when, how and why?) • Can use subheadings underlined.

Year 8 Knowledge Organiser - Breathing

Alveoli: Small air sacs found at the end of each ... How are the alveoli adapted to their function? Alveoli have a huge surface area to allow more diffusion.


of Buddhism. Dharma – the Buddha's teachings, known as truth. Noble Truths – the teachings of Buddha. Eightfold Path – 8 primary teachings that Buddhists ...


This worship is called Puja. The shrine will contain at least one image (murti) of their gods and also have a puja tray which holds different items: bell, kum kum ...