Politics and Poetics: England's Thirties Poets and the Spanish ... - jstor

when Stephen Spender speaks of the poetry of commitment, he is talking about a type ... C. Day Lewis's philosophy regarding politics and poetics is pre- sented quite ... geois poets do, to learn a new tongue: he has only to make poetry of what.

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Politics and Poetics: England's Thirties Poets and the Spanish ... - jstor

when Stephen Spender speaks of the poetry of commitment, he is talking about a type ... C. Day Lewis's philosophy regarding politics and poetics is pre- sented quite ... geois poets do, to learn a new tongue: he has only to make poetry of what.

The Politics and Poetics of Dance - jstor

and situating studies of dance and movement within broader frameworks of ... ness" of the Spanish to "non-religious" political meanings of the dance (Poole. 1990). ... other facets of Afro-Brazilian culture is the theme of liberation, escape, and.

emerson's figural religion: from poetics to politics - jstor

Emerson writes in his late, 1876 essay on "Poetry and Imagination," "Nature ... Daniel Aaron perhaps first posed it, Emerson is on the one hand the "seer.

Conducting the Vital Fluid: The Politics and Poetics of ... - jstor

Animal magnetism was inextricably linked in most British minds with ... For Pearson, magnetism breached sexual codes and class boundaries and ef fectively ...

Retiring Apollo: Ovid on the Politics and Poetics of Self ... - jstor

2 See W S. M. Nicoll, 'Cupid, Apollo and Daphne (Ovid Met. ... Spentzou and Fowler (n. ... deliver the poem's main speech-that task is given to the narrator.

The Politics and Poetics of Union Transgression: The Role of ... - jstor

"the politics and poetics of union transgression." Key words: Visual research methods, ethnography, labor relations, trade union protest. Introduction. In a world ...

Soldier-Poets of England - jstor

of mystic beauty. Siegfried Sassoon is the very spirit of para dox. One moment, in "Glory of Women," he turns fiercely on us:? "You love us when we're heroes, ...

The Impact of Audre Lorde's Politics and Poetics on Afro ... - jstor

My Name (1982), the protagonist Audre relates that what she thought was her inability to learn German ... Your silence will not protect you."29 Although she ...

Mervelous Signals: Poetics, Sign Theory, and Politics in ... - jstor

large" who is less a soldier than a cunnilinguist. The narrator hates. Diomedes ("he that koude his good"); nor is Diomedes ashamed to reveal his cynical ...

Poets and Personal Pronouns - Historical Poetics

POETS AND PERSONAL PRONOUNS. THERE is no objection against the use of human lay figures by the novelist which does not equally apply to their use by ...

djuna barnes and ts eliot: the politics and poetics of "nightwood" - jstor

revision both of Nightwood* and of Barnes' relationship to other women expatriates who ... Quite, I do believe, the most round roasting I ever got for anything. I ever penned . ... Shall be very glad to see your two happy faces in November-God willing. ... Strangely enough these were women in history, Louise de la. Valli?re ...

spanish books in england: 1800-1850 - jstor

In 1847, at Sotheby's auction of the Spanish books of the late. 70 ... Chorley, whose catalogue of the plays of Lope was printed in Spain by the. Spanish ...

Belfast Republicanism in the Thirties: The Oral Evidence - jstor

So, we went over and we had our headquarters in Trainor's. Yard, a big scrapyard in Lancaster Street. We were there in the thick of it for two days till an IRA unit.

Sex-Role Reversal in the Thirties: Leslie F. Stone's "The ... - jstor

Stone wrote and published her story at a time when the economic pressures of the. Depression brought gender differences and gender antagonism to light.

Providence and Politics in Cromwellian England - jstor

Edmund Ludlow's autobiography in the 1690s (see Edmund Ludlow, A Voyce from ... must ultimately be subordinated to Scripture can seem to pull in the.

by the Saltpan: New England Seafarers and the Politics of ... - jstor

28 Dec 2014 ... saltpan, 142 archaeologically recovered punch bowls—the receptacles of punch— ... colonization of South America (Pimentel 1578 in Maria 1979, pp. ... maximum elevation in low sand dunes rising to some 1.4 m above sea level on the ... Investigations of the Shields Tavern Site, Williamsburg, Virginia, C.

The Structures of Politics in Early Tudor England - jstor

and with the two Dukes of Norfolk and Suffolk, to try and see whether they can conjointly ... W. Ives, 'Court and county palatine in the reign of Henry VIII: the case of. William Brereton ... "5Ives, Faction, 18; Ives, 'Fall of Wolsey', 312. "6Letters of ...

Women and Politics in Early Tudor England - jstor

Suffolk.24 The members of Margaret Pole, countess of Salisbury's, household included two grand-daughters and two great-grand-daughters, as well as a.

Politics and Property in Early Medieval England - jstor

1 "English Feudalism and Estates in Land", Cambridge Law JI., new ser., vi. (1959), PP. ... the fees of Hugh de Mortimer, Osbert fitz Hugh, William de Briouze and Gotso de Dinant, with ... 147 Clitheroe, Hornby, and probably Manchester and Penwortham; th ... Ranulf Flambard would figure as one of the chief agents of royal.

Personalities and Politics in Early Stuart England - jstor

animal; Hunt, for all his staunch anti-revisionism, credits Laud with the role of ... that Laud was little better than Charles at winning round critics of his policies. A.

On the Politics of Folk Song Theory in Edwardian England - jstor

Georgina Boyes (1993) emphasized that folk song was yet another example of ... Inspired by Sharp's work, the poet John Masefield eulogized what he described ...

Cultural Poetics and the Politics of Literature

21 Dec 2011 ... to 'the political' by discussing the interaction between literary poetics ... deviation – described as alienation, defamiliarization, transgression,.


(Hothouse)8 to prisons (One for the Road, Mountain Language). Pinter's plays reached beyond the world of the theatre and became part of the starkly politicised.

Reiner Schürmann and the Poetics of Politics - OAPEN

This politics is poetic in nature, rooted in tragic ways of knowing most ... for us to retain it as the knowledge of a transgressive counter- strategy at work in every ...

The Politics of Poetics - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Eco-Politics and the Wild in the Late Poetry of Paolo Volponi. Thomas E. ... Pietro Aretino (whose literary transgressions Belli consciously follows in the Sonetti ...

The PoeTics and PoliTics of The american GoThic - Serval

contemporaneous fashion for Graveyard poetry and ruins, Walpole's campy ... in short, in the 1980s, “american Gothic” had become a hybrid term signifying.


Brian Cheadle argues, “Our. Mutual Friend sets the working, or at least scavenging, underclasses, who embody all the vigour and pain associated with the river, ...

politics practices poetics - Living Archives

11 Jan 2015 ... Packaging our snacks: make your own masterpiece! The tour ... extensions and scripts (such as Greasemonkey and UnFuck Facebook). ... Dutch data portal, NYC Open Data, UN Habitat Urban Data, US Government's open.

Threading together politics and poetics in Cecilia Vicuña's fiber art

26 Sep 1979 ... that post, I am garbage and a cast off, and that is my language, the ... 15 Cecilia Vicuña, “The No Manifesto of Tribu No,” in Manifestos and ...

the politics and poetics of appropriation - Iowa Research Online

the discourses of capital, “as a kind of primordial meandering which escapes all ... As Mark Dery explains in Culture Jamming: Hacking, Slashing and Sniping in ... picturing the other side, and at other times the holes pictured tropical island ... Zynga Game Network Inc., the company behind Mafia Wars and Farmville on ...

Thucydides' Cleon and the Poetics of Politics in Aristophanes' <italic ...

ies an attitude of emotion-driven conservatism that clashes with Aristophanes' comedy of ideas, and Wasps' solution for the political corruption serves equally.

The politics and poetics of African American women's identity ...

1 Jan 2007 ... women's identity performances: (re) reading black ... American women's hair politics and identities in a space of critical validation, self-.

poetics and politics of nature in three early modern english poems

12 Sep 2012 ... Keywords: courtly poetry; Donne, John; epistemology; humanism; Marlowe, Christopher;. Raleigh, Sir Walter; pastoral genre;. Abstract: During ...

Grass Mud Horse Style: Popular Resistance, the Politics and Poetics ...

In early 2009, an inflammatory posting of “Ten Mythical Creatures” (shida shenshou) originating from Baidu Baike—one of the most popular Chinese portal.

Secular Spanish Solo Song in Non-Spanish Sources, 1599 ... - jstor

secular solo art song is known to have flourished in the peninsula during the second half ... The sarabande dance chords are given in Florence 2951 as: C A C I .

The Poetics of Literary History in Renaissance England Christopher ...

Christopher Marlowe and the History of Blank Verse… ... Grant Showerman and G. P. Goold, rev. ed, Loeb Classical Library. (Cambridge: Harvard University ...