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1 Jun 1999 ... disturbed with fleas and other insects that rest he never could get. ... email BIG R 2000 ... FOGGER. Pedlar, headman at a ...

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genealogical society of tasmania inc. - Tasmanian Family History ...

1 Jun 1999 ... disturbed with fleas and other insects that rest he never could get. ... email BIG R 2000 ... FOGGER. Pedlar, headman at a ...

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18 Jul 1985 ... My First Year of Genealogy, Robert Tanner . . . . . . . . . . . 54 ... Home Page: ... But another song lyric.

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Launceston: PO Box 1290 Launceston Tasmania 7250 ... Newspapers in Hobart and Launceston carried the ... stags, are two Bachuils, which represent.

Volume 22 2001-2002 - Tasmanian Family History Society Inc.

convict) and their son, Robert James. Woolley (an infant at ... convict, John GELLING, was published in Vol.19 No.1. ... Remarks: Southport Narrows, PO from.

Volume 36 2015-2016 - Tasmanian Family History Society Inc.

1 Jun 2015 ... preparation of novelty cakes, burritos and ... Groceries & Gourmet Meals – The History of Sheffield's Oldest ... Buck in England as Tasmanian.

Volume 34 2013-2014 - Tasmanian Family History Society Inc.

1 Jun 2013 ... Irene was also a valuable sounding board for my theories and many questions. After working my way ... car and received injuries which neces- sitated his ... boots as she stated. Prisoner, in her ... Peter Calver, Lostcousins.).

Volume 29 2008-2009 - Tasmanian Family History Society Inc.

21 Jun 2008 ... William Thomas McKENRICK born to James / Mary Ann BELTON at Lton ... to women in the 1920s in particular, while copper, brass and bronze vases, ... Henty, Charles S: on the 18th Mar last, at Kelso, Tas, Charles S. HENTY ...

Volume 27 2006-2007 - Tasmanian Family History Society Inc.

2 Sep 2006 ... PO Box 1290 Launceston Tasmania 7250 ... J.R. Launceston Examiner, June 17 1896 ... De Freitas, Leo John, The Banbury Chapbooks.

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Hello! My name is Laurie Hoffman and I believe that this is the Walter Bates that was my ... marriage register 1854/1075 Thomas Love to Mary Ann ... The Handyman's Shop occupies Nos 5 and 7. Courtesy of ... Mr WALKINSHAW as a personnel ... Danchev, Alex & Todman, Daniel, War Diaries 1939–1945 Field Marshal.

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3 Mar 2010 ... 38 – Czech Name Days Calendar. 41 – They Came ... And yet, family names have not ... who first got that surname was a tow yarn maker or dealer ... wanted), Potměšil (he sewed in the dark), Skočdopole ... (All Souls' Day). 3.

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well-mannered Delaware who operated a water-powered gdst mill on the. Wh ite River. ... all-----Crop on my place looks bad ----wag net planted til the 6th ef July.

Genealogical and Family History of Western NY - Treasure Coast ...

privates of his command and taken prisoner,. February 18, 1777, by Colonel John Neilson, ... com, of Sardinia, New York. 6. Matilda. Caroline, born December 8, ...

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8/12/1~79, Manchester, Vermont b. 11/3/1780, Me.nehester· .3. Orange. 4. Lyman b. 5/;1/1782, Manchester· d. 4/6/1784, Manchester. ·b. 8/5/1783, Manchester. 5.

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r i e dam ann a me d T u c k e r • Am u n c e r t a ina s tot hen u m be r of her ... Ruth Amanda Nordin, b. ... John Will iam Rachel and Martha Ann Shinn Rachel.

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20 Jan 2015 ... Launceston Family History Library: 45-55 Tamar St, Launceston. P.O. Box 1290 ... Professor SHARP'S talented sons, William ... MILLER. If our teeth needed extraction we either lassoed the offending ivory to a door knob and.

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the said William Hambleton, etc. THE HAMBLETON FAMILY. THE s. 3. ~. <1. A red heifer, two spring calves. Flaxseed, a half bushell; shovel, pitchforks, riddles, ...

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4 Jul 2019 ... 31, 1853 and had one child: Midcomb, born May 12,1855 i she died May 35, 1877. William II., married. Mrs. Scbrina R. Walker, May 25, 1S56, ...

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13 Nov 2019 ... JAMES McALLISTER J47 by Sandra Jones Parcher. 10-13 ... GENEALOGY Robert M. McAllister & Frank McAlister ... in a spring-misty Oxford.

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Tasmanian Circuit Racing Championship. - Round 1. MGCCT ... MGCCT. Hillclimb. Baskerville. THC 2. 29 - 4 Targa Tasmania. Targa. Rally. Statewide. APRIL.

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Bezeq 144 - Israel phone directory (English: or Hebrew ➢ Israel Phone Directory ➢ Izkor - Fallen ...

Tasmanian Irrigation Pty Ltd, Dalness Dam Quarry ... - EPA Tasmania

20 Jan 2017 ... provisions of the Launceston Interim Planning Scheme 2015 however Council will also be seeking comment ... stags and coarse wood debris.

The Tango is Tasmanian - Folk Federation of Tasmania

I've been a folk dancer since my Mum ran a Scottish country dance group for ... At Launceston we toured a pioneer type marine village and the windjammers were ... dance cards show some of the dances which were present in the fashionable ...

Keeping Tasmanian Reptiles & Amphibians in Tasmania - dpipwe

Keeping dead reptiles and amphibians is subject to other permit ... a service to the public) should be immediately released as close as practical and in suitable.

Tasmanian Cellar Door Customer - Tourism Tasmania

making behaviour of Tasmania's winery/cellar door customers ... to better understand changing market trends and their implications for industry development, ...

Affordable Housing Strategy Tasmania 2015-2025 - Tasmanian ...

damage, SettledSure, Kennington, accessed 29 January 2015,. <>. Shelter Tasmania 2012 ...

Arkansas Family Historian - Arkansas Genealogical Society

1 Mar 1993 ... Day, Zan. 1928. 22. 458. Lewis, Jacob. Kelly, Martha. 1652. Bl. 225 ... William Perrion, 28. Rita, 16. Hoggard. Minerva, 18. Haggard. Sarah,17.

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4 Dec 2008 ... John Francis Ruddell served as Independence County Coroner in. 1827-1829. Most of the Ruddells and their slaves lived on or around Ruddell ...

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Daly Potatoes, Milton Farm, Reid Fruits, OE Hansen & Sons, Scott Bros, Hansen ... Wynyard Foreshore Market ... Huonville Town Hall (behind the Shire Offices).

The Sharp Family in Dartford - North West Kent Family History Society

James was still living at High St Dartford in 1861 and is listed as aged 52, a builder employing 11 men. Living with James were Jane, his wife (48) and their ...

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invitation to the Isle of Skye from the lairds of McDonald and McLeod, with the ... (1862) William Wilson, engine keeper, son of James Wilson, sawyer, and Jean.


section 1 below) is deposited at Cherryburn and could be made available to researchers on application to the National Trust, but neither the Trust nor the Bewick ...

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George Baker on the 1 of May, 1875, at Great Horemead, Hertforshire. See 3.9 for details of ... “146 Adelaide Road” and her profession as “Professional Singer”.

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William Lee & Sarah Swinarton. Notes: John (1) is son of ·John & DorothySwinerton ... Gwen Roberts )AMES NESS. Ellen. PATRICK FRANCIS= Ellen Elizabeth ...


4 Oct 2019 ... Lenah Valley. 7008. Phone: 6228 5811 ... Ouse. Anthony Franklin. 6287 1219. 0427 604 913. Rosny Park. Kerry Petrie. 6244 1642 ... months. • Winners of club open and B grade men and women's singles championships.

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You may find an obituary and sometimes a photograph in local newspapers. ARMY. • Check Ancestry or FindMyPast to see if service records survive. • If he was ...

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(Annie)Bell and she came from a coalmining family in the Leven/Methil area. ... She was the daughter of John Veitch and Margaret Fraser, who had two ... It is possible that my father, David and his brother Charlie are the children at the front.