7.1 Knowledge Organiser - Formby High School

The Romans continued their conquest and took the South of Britain. London was ... Letters used by the Romans to denote numbers (I, V, X, L, C, D, M). Vikings.

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9.1b Knowledge Organiser - Formby High School

General Haig: Butcher of the Somme? The British & French launched a huge assault on the Ger- man trenches near the River Somme in northern France. It.

7.1 Knowledge Organiser - Formby High School

The Romans continued their conquest and took the South of Britain. London was ... Letters used by the Romans to denote numbers (I, V, X, L, C, D, M). Vikings.

Year 8 French Knowledge Organiser and Workbook - Formby High ...

When is your birthday? ... Which French word from Becky's text best describes how these people feel? ... What would you say in French to give this information:.

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Harmony – Knowledge Organiser. HARMONY – how chords are used in a piece of music. Triad. A basic type of chord made up of three notes. Inversion.

Blood Brothers Knowledge Organiser - The Whitby High School

Context – Blood Brothers was written by Willy Russell, and was first staged in 1983. Scene-by-Scene Summary – Alongside key quotations from each section of ...

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Owen Sheers was born in Fiji in 1974 and moved to London when he was three. • When he was nine the family moved to Abergavenny In Wales, to a 13-.

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Info / Analysis. Stave One. Marley's. Ghost. Hard and sharp as flint. Description of Scrooge at start solitary as an oyster. Simile to convey his lone existence.

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GCSE PHOTOGRAPHY - KNOWLEDGE ORGANISER. Assessment Objectives. - This is how you are marked for coursework and Exam. - There are 24 marks to ...

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Stone Cold, Robert Swindells. ENGLISH ... Swindells uses colloquial language at moments in the story to make the ... To introduce a list, a statement or a quote.

Year 11 Knowledge Organiser Term 1: 2019 - Blaise High School

'An Inspector Calls' by J.B. Priestley: A Knowledge Organiser ... down the group. Increasing atomic number. A lkali metals. Very reactive with oxygen, water and chlorine ... Subscript. Normal script ... water, the ions are free to move. These are ...

Year 10 Knowledge Organiser Term 1: 2019 - Blaise High School

Small intestines. Villi – increase surface area, Good blood supply – to maintain concentration ... Chicken chasseur & Kiev ... https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes.

GCSE Psychology Knowledge Organiser Booklet - Deyes High School

Criminal. Psychology. Key Concepts: •. Criminal behaviour - any act that goes against the law of the land. •. Types of crime: ○. Violent (e.g. injuring another). ○.

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A1 - Computer hardware in a computer system. Aspects user experience will affect choice of hardware -. Accessibility - This may dictate hardware choices if the ...

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How could attack and defend a castle? 6. How and why did castles ... Castles were a way of keeping the enemy out and the Normans safe. Castles developed ...


TURTON SCHOOL HISTORY DEPARTMENT – KNOWLEDGE ORGANISER – LIFE IN ... King William II: Known as William Rufus because of his red hair. He.

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Hamartia (tragic flaw) Macbeth's hamartia is his “vaulting ambition” which ultimately leads to his tragic downfall. Hubris (excessive pride and confidence) Macbeth ...

Knowledge Organiser Macbeth - The Duston School

What kind of a man is Macbeth? 2. What makes a good king? 3. How does Lady Macbeth manipulate her husband? 4. Why is Shakespeare talking about ...

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Marking - zonal and man to man. Power ... Football. Basketball. Handball ... Man to man defence. Theory knowledge developed: Warming up and cooling down ...

Science Knowledge Organiser - The George Eliot School

plant cell contains all the parts of animal cells plus extras. PREFIXES. Prefix. Multiple ... Therapeutic cloning uses same genes so the body does not reject the tissue. Can be a risk of infection. Adult bone marrow ... AQA GCSE INFECTION.

KNOWLEDGE ORGANISER KS3 Science - The George Eliot School

White blood cells help the body fight infectious diseases, by producing antibodies and antitoxins and engulfing microbes. 3. Platelets clot the blood. 4. Plasma ...

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At the agreed time, Lady Macbeth gives the guards drugged wine so Macbeth can enter and kill the King. ... 'I am in blood, stepped in so far…' 'My way of life is ...

Physics Knowledge Organiser P15 ... - Nottingham Free School

Induced magnetism is quickly lost when the material is removed from the magnetic field that induced it. Magnetic fields. Magnetic fields are around all magnets ( ...

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When carrying out chromatography we can calculate an Rf (retention factor) value/. The retention ... To carry out a flame test you need to do the following: 1.

the sign of the four knowledge organiser - Ilkley Grammar School

... Street and gives Holmes a diagram of a building; it is signed 'The Sign of the Four' with ... MISS MARY MORSTAN The central female character in the novella.

Knowledge Organiser: Year 8: - Magnets - The Hart School

Section 5: Factors Affecting Electromagnets. Factor. Affect. Number of Coils in the wire. Increasing the number of coils will increase the strength of the.

Chemistry Knowledge Organiser C2 - The ... - Nottingham Free School

A Russian Chemist, who in 1869 published a Periodic Table ... He very accurately predicted the properties of elements that were not ... Group 7. (Halogens). Low melting point, exist as pair (Cl2). React with group 1 ... called oxidation states).

Key fob - Formby High School

Pewter (Non Ferrous Alloy) – a malleable metal alloy. ... Description of stage. Tools and equipment ... I have seen the demonstration on how to cast pewter safely.

Human Geography Knowledge Organiser - Nottingham Free School

Chambamontera is an isolated community in the Andes of Peru. It introduced a micro-hydro to exploit water power as an energy source. How does it work:.

Language Paper 1 Knowledge Organiser - Nottingham Free School

Paragraph one: words & phrases. Paragraph two: language features & techniques. Paragraph three: sentence forms. Zoom in on words. Use PEED (or SQuID).

lord of the flies knowledge organiser - Ilkley Grammar School

Nobody else agrees. Jack, embar- rassed, leaves the tribe and goes into the forest. The assembly continues. Simon suggests they go up the mountain. Piggy ...

knowledge organiser: jekyll and hyde - Ilkley Grammar School

PLOT SUMMARY. Chapter 1: ... Chapter 3: Dr Jekyll was quite ... Mr Hyde. Jekyll refuses to talk about Hyde, but tells Utterson he can be “rid of him whenever he.

Year 7 Knowledge Organiser - St Luke's Church of England School

Knowledge Organiser Year 7 Spring 2020 Cycle Two | Page 8. Drama ... During the falling action, the conflict between the hero and the villain unravels, with ... speech to comment on in an essay. ... Oliver Cromwell gave himself the title Lord.

Physics Knowledge Organiser P9 - Motion - Nottingham Free School

A velocity-time (VT) graph shows the velocity of an object at any particular time on its journey. Using the gradient of a slope, you can find the acceleration.

Year 9 Knowledge Organiser - St Luke's Church of England School

who predict events in the play. Hecate. Ruler of the witches. Historical context ... Knowledge Organiser Year 9 Spring 2020 Cycle Two | Page 33. Maths.

Knowledge Organiser: Year 8: ‐ Acid and Alkali - The Hart School

They turn universal indicator red. Alkali. When a bases is dissolved in water it a ... indicator paper) in testing for acids and alkalis ... Everyday testing of solutions.

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Permanent. Vacuole. A sub-cellular structure only found in plant and algal cells – it is filled with cell sap (a store of nutrients for the cell). Cell Wall. A sub-cellular ...